Our values and staff idea

Biltema promotes the following concepts: Simplicity, Cost-Efficiency, Taking Initiative, Neat & Organised, and Flexibility.


We have a flat organisation, which means we have quick decision making processes. In everything we do, we should always consider: "Is there a simpler way to do this?" We must not create redundant procedures and unnecessary administration – everything we do should be simple and scaled down.


Our business idea is based on selling quality products at prices that are lower than anywhere else. To do this, we must work with a high degree of cost-awareness. We do this at all levels – and continuously assess how to do things cheaper and more cost-efficiently.

Taking Initiative

Having enthusiasm and the will to improve and progress results in job satisfaction and professional development. We are an entrepreneurial company and we want our employees to be courageous and take initiative.

Neat & Organised

Our stores shall be perceived as well-stocked, tidy, and appealing to customers. A neat and organised store generates better sales and is more pleasant for our employees to work in.


The world around us is constantly changing. To ensure Biltema's continued expansion, development and success, we must be flexible and embrace change at all levels. In practical terms, this means adopting flexible ways of working and a willingness to exchange work tasks in an organisation that develops along with the needs and requirements of the world around us.

Staff Idea

At Biltema, we work with the customer in focus: Customers can be found both externally and internally. By continuously utilising and increasing our skills and competence, we contribute to the development of Biltema.