Battery charger 12 V, 15 A with booster

Art.. 37-746
A powerful charger, which due to the variable charging current, copes with everything from very small to very large batteries (300 Ah), 12 V batteries. For conventional lead-acid batteries, Pb. WET, MF, AGM, Gel and CA/CA. With a booster function which enables a depleted battery to be quick-charged. A cigarette lighter socket on the charger's rear allows the use of 12 V devices. Charges in nine stages and automatically switches to maintenance charging. De-sulphates discharged batteries. Memory function. Fitted with protection against short-circuiting, pole-reversal and overloading.

The charger can be set to work in four different positions with the help of the 2/6/10/15 A button. The position depends on the capacity of the battery:
  • 2 A: for smaller batteries for, e.g. motorbikes and mopeds. 6-40 Ah
  • 6 A: for medium-sized batteries. 20-120 Ah
  • 10 A: for car batteries. 30-200 Ah
  • 15 A: for car batteries. 45–300 Ah
    • Voltage: 12 V
    • Battery type: Traditional lead-acid batteries as well as AGM and Gel