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Chassis parts for cars

A vehicle’s chassis parts work together to make your journey comfortable and balanced, even when driving on uneven and inclined roads or around hard bends. Worn chassis parts should be replaced as soon as they are detected, since they adversely affect the behaviour of the car, increase wear on the tyres and the other parts of the front carriage, and make driving difficult.

Chassis parts at Biltema

Below are some examples of chassis parts for your car that you can buy at Biltema. These chassis parts need to be regularly replaced for optimal functionality.

  • Coil springs
    Make driving more balanced on uneven surfaces by allowing the wheel to move up and down separately from the body.
  • Shock absorber
    Absorb shocks to the wheel from the roadway, allow for more comfortable and safer driving.
  • Stabiliser bars
    Link the vehicle suspension to the body to reduce swaying around corners.
  • Wheel bearings
    Located in the wheel hub and keep the in place when it rotates.
  • Stabiliser links
    Suspension links that allow the wheels to move up and down.
  • Spindle joint
    Attaches the wheel hub to the stabiliser link so that the wheel can turn when you move the steering wheel.
  • Steering links/Steering joints
    Transfer the movement of the steering wheel to the wheel so that it turns when taking corners.


Replacing chassis parts

Below are some common problems with chassis parts and how to determine when they need to be replaced.

  • Broken coil spring
    The car tilts and pulls to the side when driving.
  • Shock absorber leakage
    The car becomes unstable and difficult to drive.
  • Worn stabiliser bar
    The car sways abnormally when driving.
  • Worn wheel bearings
    Droning sound from the wheel while driving, the sound changes when turning.
  • Loose spindle joint
    Knocking sound when turning the steering wheel, difficult to keep a straight line when driving.
  • Loose steering joint
    Unstable steering, higher tyre wear at the inside or outside of the wheel.