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Exhaust systems

Vehicle exhaust systems mainly comprise pipes, the silencer, and catalytic converter or particulate filter.
The exhaust system reduces engine noise, cleans exhaust gases and releases them behind the car.

Parts of the exhaust system

Below are some examples of spare parts for your car’s exhaust system that you can buy from Biltema:

  • Exhaust pipe.
    Routes the engine’s exhaust gases through the catalytic converter, silencer, and releases them behind the car.
  • Silencer
    One or more silencers can be used to reduce engine noise to an unharmful level.
  • Catalytic converter
    Cleans the exhaust gases by catalysing harmful substances such as carbon monoxide.
  • Particulate filter
    Found in diesel vehicles ands serves the same purpose as the catalytic converter.
  • Lambda sensor
    The lambda sensor (or oxygen sensor as it is sometimes called) measures the contents of the exhaust gases and reports this to the engine control module, which continuously adjusts the amount of fuel for optimal functionality.
  • Fittings
    Mostly made of rubber. Allows a certain degree of movement of the exhaust system and thus reduces the transmission of sound to the bodywork.


Common reason for exhaust system replacement

The exhaust system is subjected every day to temperature changes, vibrations, moisture, road salt, gravel, and impact from foreign objects on the roadway. Signs that the exhaust system may need to be replaced include increased noise, increased fuel consumption, or exhaust odours in the passenger compartment, which may indicate mortal danger.
Although the exhaust system may need to be replaced several times during the a car’s service life, there are a few simple ways to extend the time between replacements:

  • Regularly check that the suspension details are not damaged or cracked.
  • Regularly wash off road salt under the car in the winter months.
  • Park on dry ground and not on grass or muddy surfaces.

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