LED lighting adapter.

Art. 34-993

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For electrical coupling on trailers with LED lights. With built-in power resistor for compatibility with cars with CAN bus light control. Interconnects between the car and trailer with a 13-pole connector.
The adapter is designed to fix issues that may arise in trailers with LED reverse, indicator, or brake lights.
The adapter emulates the properties of a bulb, thereby eliminating any problems. Even if an LED light (which consumes little power and/or illuminates at low voltage) is installed on the trailer, it will act and be perceived by the car as an incandescent bulb.
Issues that the adapter can fix: The LED light on the trailer shines/flashes because the car is transmitting control signals to the trailer. The car indicates erroneous functional problems on the trailer because the car does not detect the low current consumed by the LED light.
When using the adapter, the car's control functions of the reverse, indicator, or brake lights are overridden. If any of these lights stop working, the car will still perceive them as functional.
Not suitable for vehicles with pulse-controlled power systems.

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