Electric Jockey Wheel

Art.. 38-830
Powerful, motorised jockey wheel designed to make light work of moving caravans or boat/horse trailers. The detachable handle allows trailers to be manoeuvred easily in e.g. gardens, garages, driveways or caravan parking sites. The handle contains buttons for switching between the forward and reverse functions. The motor also has a freewheel function and automatic brakes. The motor connects to a 12 V battery on the caravan or to a separate battery mounted to the trailer.

Motor: 12 V/550 W
Battery: 12 V, 20 Ah lead-acid battery or starter battery (not included)
Speed: 6-7 m/min
Gear ratio: 494:1
Brakes: automatic
May only be used on surfaces with a maximum of 7 degrees inclination
Max. vehicle load: 2,722 kg
Max. load on jockey wheel: 498 kg
Weight: 15.5 kg

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