LED Blinkers, 2 st.

Art.. 82-216
Cool triangular universal indicators with LEDs, which provide good light as well as long durability (no bulbs that break from vibrations), and a cool look. Total of 18 LEDs per indicator, 6 of which are red and can be separately connected to e.g. brake lights. Made of CNC-milled aluminium. Transparent glass. M10 thread for fastening. 12 V / 1.7 W. Dimensions: 77 x 40 x 28 mm. E-approved. Available in chrome or black versions. Sold in pairs.If used as license plate lighting, only approved for rear license plate.NOTE! When replacing original indicators with LEDs, the blinking speed is often excessively fast (due to a much lower wattage) This can be countered by using a resistor or LED indicator relay. Some modification to connectors may be required.