59,90 / L


Art.. 36-75
Cleans, polishes and protects your car all at once – without any water! No need for a sponges, shampoos, buckets or hoses. The product easily and effectively removes dirt and dust and gives your car that newly-waxed look without leaving behind white waxy residue. Can also be used on the car's windows, shock-absorbers and plastic trim. 1 l.
It doesn't take any longer than 15 minutes of cleaning to provide a family car with a beautiful shine. There's enough in one bottle to wash your family car 10 times over!

Instructions for Use
1. Spray the product evenly onto a manageable area. Avoid using the product in direct sunlight. 2. Use a microfibre cloth to carefully wipe the product over the sprayed area. Do not rub. If the cloth becomes soiled, it can simply be rinsed with water. 3. Use a new microfibre cloth to polish the cleaned area to achieve a beautiful shine. NOTE – Very dirty cars may need to be washed with shampoo before using the product.