Bathroom Fan Low-Noise

Art. 87-3872
Silent-running low energy extractor fan with moisture sensor and timer. IP44.
  • Moisture controlled: Pre-adjustable 60-90 % RH. The fan starts automatically and continues to run until the end of the pre-set runtime.
  • Timer: Runtime can be pre-set between 2 and 30 minutes.
  • For continual operation.
  • Adapter for pipe connection (ø100 mm).
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Overheating protection.
  • For installation at least 180 cm above floor height.
  • White UV-resistant plastic.

Technical data
Voltage: 220-240 V~ 50 Hz
Enclosure class: IP44
Protection class II (double-insulated)
Max pressure drop: 45 Pa
Weight: 0.45 kg
Panel dims: 155 x 145 mmAdapter dims: Diameter: ø100 mm. Depth: 80 mm
Moisture sensor: 60 to 90 % RH adjustable
Post-operation runtime: 2 to 30 minutes, adjustable
Ambient temperature: min: +1 °C, max: +40 °C
Product Sheet  
Specific Energy Consumption (SEC): SEC
Cold -54.2 kWh/(m² and year)
Medium -27.1 kWh/(m² and year )
Hot -11.6 kWh/(m² and year)
Type of ventilation unit: One-way
Type of drive unit: Multi-speed
Maximum airflow: 90 m³/h
Noise level: 49 dB(A)
Max. output: 8 W
Reference flow: 0.018 m³/s
Specific Power Input (SPI): 0.057 W/(m³/h)
Type of control: Local demand control
Maximum external leakage: 2.7 %
Annual Electricity Consumption (AEC): Cold 0.5 kWh/year
Medium 0.5 kWh/year
Hot 0.5 kWh/year
Annual Heating Saved (AHS): Cold 55.4 kWh/year
Medium 28.3 kWh/year
Hot 12.8 kWh/year

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