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Art. 10-003

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Article no. 10-000 - 10-004:
Bags of fully synthetic material for vacuum cleaners. The bags have 5 layers to minimise the amount of particles that are re-emitted into the air. Resealable opening to reduce spillage when removing a full bag.

Art. no. 44-719, 84-0350, 84-0670, 84-0790:
Bags made of paper for vacuum cleaners.

Models:Refer to manual below.


  • De Sina: BSS Diamant
  • Miele: 30th Active Allergotec Allergy Allervac Alu Alu-Magic Aluminium Ambiente Anniversary Argento Artico Automatic Baby Best Black Blue Blue-Vert Brilliant Calypso Capri Caramel CarCare Cat Celebration Champange Classic Clean Comfort Commodore Compact Complete Cosmos Crystal Divani Duoflex Easystretch EcoFox EcoLine EcoSilence Electronic Elmatic Elna Esprit Euroclassic Eurostar Exclusive Exlusive Expert Exquisit F Festival Filtrationguard Flamenco Floorcare Freestyle Fuchsia Gold Graphite Graphito Greenmagic Greenstar Grunes Hard Haus Hybrid Hygienic Indian Indigo J Jazz Limited M M.A.X Magic Mango Matchwinner Medicair Medivac Mercury Meteor Mixtura Mondia Monte Moonlight Mystic Naturell Noblesse Novostar Oceanito Omnia Opera Pacific Parkett Parquet Passion Pastelito Pearl Peppermint Performance Platinum Plus Power Premium Primavera Pure Raffinesse Red Remote Revolution Rosito Royal Rubin Ruby S290 S299 S300 S399 S4000 S4999 S500 S578 S6000 S700 S762 Salsa Samba Senator Seventy-Five Siena Silent Silver Silverbird Silverstar Sinna Smaragd Soft Solaris Solution Sonata Special Starlight Steel Summertime Sunflower Sunshine Superior Tango Tealite Team The Timber Titanum Top Topaz Torino Total Tropic Turbo Turbostar Turboteam Twister Vanilla Weltstar Venezia White XS XTRA Xtra Yellow Young
  • Satrap: SA
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  • Swirl: M

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