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Robotic lawn mowers

Save time and energy with a robotic lawnmower, which is a much-appreciated helper in the garden. A robotic lawnmower keeps your lawn short, and a cut lawn is a healthy lawn. A robotic lawnmower cuts grass to the perfect height, which also stunts weed growth. In other words, buying a robotic lawnmower saves you time and money and keeps your lawn healthy!

In order for you to feel assured in your ownership, we have a dedicated Service Support team for robotic lawnmowers. They have many years of experience in robotic lawnmowers and can provide advice, help and information. They also have a complete range of spare parts at their disposal.

Service gräsklippare.jpg

If you own the RM1000 robotic lawnmower, you can use the link below to update your software.

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