Biltema – an important contributor

Our social presence, diversity and inclusive approach in our local communities is something that we are very serious about and continue to focus on as we grow. Starting with affordable car-parts 56 years ago - our expansion will not slow down. With our now 19 000 products for the entire family, millions of customers yearly and 140 shops in 4 countries – which will double in the coming years – the Biltema Group has approximately SEK11 billion in yearly revenue.

To push development, and forward our core values - we employ more than 4000 co-workers across the Nordic countries. Every year we provide more than three hundred new jobs, more than 1000 season-workers – and for some; their very first job. Our employees are our biggest resource, and absolutely crucial in our growth. Biltema takes enormous pride in a healthy business-culture, and ensures that every single person joining our family gets a fair chance to succeed and excel with us.

SEK 1.9 billion in corporate taxes

Biltema is a solid and important contributor, and we always make good on our obligations and responsibilities in all countries. With SEK 1.9 billion paid in corporate taxes over the last 4 years we are proud to be a substantial tax-contributor in the Nordic countries. Our co-workers enables a big contribution to communal taxes, which in turn is greatly appreciated amongst the smaller regions we tend to establish in. We follow laws and regulations in every country we´re operational, and secure that all our suppliers are up to par with our strict requirements on health and safety.
Making a positive impact on the world is something we are very passionate about. From our local inclusiveness, environmental efforts, and through our foundation, we strive every day to improve what we can, as much as we can.

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