Motorboat Stand

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For raising motorboats. Strong, powder-coated steel construction with collapsible support legs. Quick height adjustment. Articulated hull plate (200 x 200 x 6 mm) with protective rubber. Max. load: 2000 kg. NOTE! Use lashing straps between the stands.
  • BOAT STAND 900-1200MM

    BOAT STAND 900-1200MM

    Art. 25-8201
    Adjustable height: 900–1200 mm. Dimensions, extended: 855 x 585 x 585 mm.
  • BOAT STAND 600-900MM

    BOAT STAND 600-900MM

    Art. 25-8200
    Adjustable height: 600–900 mm. Dimensions, extended: 595 x 535 x 535 mm.