Child car seat

Art. 39-803
The child seat is tested and approved in accordance with ECE R44/04. The child car seat is only intended for forward-facing use in the front and rear seats. Approved for use by children 15–36 kg (approx 4-12 years). Designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for the child. Use of the child safety seat significantly minimises the risk of injury in the event of an accident. Very easy to use, which minimises the risk of incorrect positioning. Anatomic design provides optimal comfort. Can be used with or with the back support. When the child outgrown the seat, the back support can easily be removed and the product used as a booster seat.
\WARNING: In certain countries the Road Traffic Act prohibits the installation of a child safety seat in the front seat. Refer to the regulations in your country.\WARNING: Do NOT place the child safety seat on a front seat with an active airbag.\WARNING: Do NOT place the child safety seat on a seat that is only equipped with a 2-point (lap) horizontal safety belt.WARNING: Do not insert anything between the child safety seat and the vehicle seat.\WARNING: Do NOT place the child safety seat on swivel vehicle seats, side-mounted seats, or seats facing the opposite direction to the vehicle's direction of travel.

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