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Glass Cleaner Premium

Art. 36-77

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An effective agent that quickly removes dirt, finger marks, tobacco stains, insects, etc. Leaves a shiny surface without streaks. Recommended for cleaning all windows, mirrors and glass details both in the car and at home. 750 ml.

Premium – selected extra high-quality car care products
Biltema's Premium Series are selected extra high-quality car care products for complete auto cleaning. All products can be applied by hand, but we recommend using an oscillating polishing machine.

Always start by washing the car well, including cold-degreasing and alkaline degreasing, to clean away different types of dirt. Then give the car the full treatment with Biltema's workable and effective Premium products:
  • Clean the wheel rims and wheel covers with Rim Cleaner Premium.
  • Clean the windows and mirrors with Glass Cleaner Premium.
  • Clean the interior with Textile Cleaner Premium.
  • Treat the tyre side-walls and rubber and plastic details with Tyre Shine Premium.
  • Deep-clean the paint with Paintwork Cleaner Premium (Step 1).
  • Polish scratches and stains on the paintwork with Polish Premium (Step 2).
  • Protect the paintwork and give it lustre with Wax Premium (Step 3).
  • Wash the car regularly with Wax Shampoo Premium to keep it clean and to maintain the protective wax.

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