Trailer spare parts and trailer accessories – change simple trailer parts yourself when maintaining the trailer

When you own a trailer you can't do without it, and if you don't have one, you forget to hand it in – right? A trailer must be safe to drive, and it is also necessary to maintain the trailer.

When it comes to trailer maintenance and trailer preparation, there are many trailer spare parts and trailer accessories that you can change yourself. Here in the article we will provide tips for repairs of the trailer that you can make yourself and having said that, it is not all you should throw yourself into repairing yourself - unless you have solid knowledge and experience with the more demanding trailer repairs. We will touch on most things from mounting a trailer tarpaulin to fitting trailer screens. Read on.

Put a trailer tarpaulin on the trailer and change tarpaulin accessories

Choose trailer tarpaulin according to the size of your trailer. In our range, at the time of writing, we have two trailer tarpaulins in the range, which are available in sizes 260x149 cm and 210x124 cm. You don't have to be very dexterous to mount the cover on the various lashing buttons all the way around.


You can also use tarpaulin bars to protect your load while using a tarpaulin. It doesn't get any easier to install when the hanger has an adjustable width of 1000 – 1500 mm.

Tip! You can also check your old tarpaulin and possibly repair it with a bike patch or heavy tape if there is a smaller hole in it.

Change the support wheel on the trailer

When changing the training wheel / nose wheel on the trailer, it is not a major operation to undertake. However, you must be aware of the weight of your trailer and the maximum load on the wheel you are considering buying. As well as whether it is a braked or unbraked trailer. The nose wheel is one of the trailer parts that works the hardest and over time needs replacing. We have both clamping devices for training wheels and support wheels in the range.

See nose wheel here>>


The support leg also needs maintenance. You should lubricate the moving parts of the wheels with anti-rust lubricant.

Load lock

Avoid dropping the load to a lesser extent with a load lock on the trailer. In our trailer range we have different types of locks for the load. You will find hangers, eccentric locks and a number of load locks that are screwed or bolted to both sides of the load.

Ball coupling with drawbar

We have two types of ball couplings, which are mounted vertically with two bolts. Both are intended for a 50 mm tensile ball. One is made for round drawbars and the other is for square drawbars.

A ball coupling is also a trailer part that lives a hard life.

Splash screen / trailer screen

Biltema has a good selection of trailer screens and mudguards for the trailer. All in plastic/rubber and therefore with low weight. The mounting itself may vary from trailer to trailer, but the fenders are mounted either with pop rivets or bolts.

Trailer wheels

If you can change the tyres on your car, then you can most likely also figure out how to do it on your trailer. Just remember the distance between the bolts and the number of bolts on the wheel hub, just like on your car. Then you are good to go.

We call our trailer wheels pneumatic rubber wheels and you will find the wheels that are suitable for trailers below.

Trailer wheels>>


Can your trailer wheels continue to run? Then you should check the tire pressure regularly in both wheels and especially if the trailer has been stationary for a long time. If that's the case, then the recycling centre is guaranteed to miss you – right? Check the manual of the trailer for maximum tyre pressure.


Trailer lights and trailer lighting

Trailer spare parts such as trailer lights / trailer taillights can be found in our Car-MC department or by searching for "trailer lights" here on the website.  We have a large selection of lights for your trailer. Including a selection of wireless trailer lights, which are perfect for a temporary need for trailer lights.

Protect your trailer with a classic trailer lock

One of our most popular products for the trailer is our solid quality trailer lock. The product is a classic trailer lock anti-theft locking device, as it can also be called.


The trailer lock fits most ball couplings (Max. dimensions 85 x 85 mm) Padlock included as well as a good tip - don't throw the key away. The trailer lock is difficult to cut open again.

Trailer accessories that can feel indispensable

In our range you have a good opportunity to supplement with trailer accessories. Find, among other things, aluminium boxes / trailer boxes for storage on the trailer.

Trailer connectors and trailer cables

7-pin or 13-pin trailer connector? No matter which pole you use, you will find trailer connectors and trailer cables at Biltema that match your needs. The selection is large and a trailer plug is sufficiently easy to install. Just be careful that the pins in the connector do not break.

You will also find 7-wire cable and outboard adapters at the best prices on the market.

See selection of trailer connectors and trailer cables>>


Water in the connector of the trailer cable?

A well-known problem on the trailer cable is that over time the wire crawls backwards out of the connector's fixation point. Then water may get into the plug. So keep a regular eye on your trailer cable and make sure the cable stays inside the connector fixation point.

You should drive a trailer with lights on.

Check the load with baggage straps

Now get the load fastened properly with good baggage straps. At Biltema, we know that your cargo is precious – no matter what you transport. Therefore, it is important that you can get the best products to fasten your load. All our luggage straps are made of strong polyester or nylon with excellent strength and durability.


Bagageremme og spændestropper>>



Trailer repairs that you may need to ask for help with

Anything to do with the brakes, such as brake blocks and possibly a change of axle pin/wheel axle, is something you should only do if you have sufficient knowledge. For safety.


See our full range of trailer equipment and trailer accessories>>


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