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Gaming mouse for a better gaming experience

There has been a significant growth in the e-sports market, and the same applies, of course, to the gaming equipment and devices that make your gaming experience better. Whether you're playing at hobby level or aiming for a professional career in e-sports, consider optimizing your equipment.

Find a good gaming mouse that makes your precision and responsiveness much better and your game sublime. Don't know where to start? Read on below, where we unfold the basic but important features of a good mouse for gaming.

Buy a wireless mouse and get rid of wires

Many of the new gaming mice come without wires. In this way, mobility will be much better, as there is no wire in the way. What you need to be aware of is that your mouse should always be adequately charged when you start a game. Otherwise, you risk becoming incapacitated in the middle of a game.

DPI: What does this mean for your game?

When you start looking for a good mouse for gaming, you will no doubt come across the term DPI. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, and it is simply the unit of measurement of the sensitivity of the mouse. And why is DPI so important when you're gaming?
DPI picks up movement. The lower the DPI a gamer mouse has, the larger a mouse pad you should have. Simply because a low DPI requires greater movement on your part. The higher the DPI, the less movement.
How you prefer the sensitivity of your mouse is subjective. However, most people prefer a DPI somewhere between 800-1200. If this is your first time using a gaming mouse, it's a good idea to land somewhere in between.

Look at the customization

The last thing to deal with when choosing a good mouse is its customization possibilities. Again, it is very subjective what preferences you have when it comes to gaming.
Look at how heavy the mouse is. Of course, if you prefer a lighter mouse, go for one of these and vice versa. There are several gaming mice with additional buttons that allow for additional commands. All in all, a mouse is not just a mouse.
If it's your first mouse for gaming, you can go for one where you have the option to fine-tune the features of it. That way, you can hit roughly the setting that best suits your particular way of gaming.