Biltema meets nature in majestic Yosemite

Biltema meets nature in majestic Yosemite

Rocky mountainous areas envelop the deep forests and the greatness of the national park extends as far as the eye can see. If the giant Redwood trees could speak, they would have witnessed the most magical stories, of places where man has met nature for thousands of years, surrounded by stunning waterfalls and nature scenes like no other. With its roots in the business idea of being able to offer high functional quality products at low prices, and the grand encounter with nature in Yosemite National Park, Biltema presented the Yosemite series in the early 2000s.

The Yosemite series takes you closer to nature, inspired by Yosemite National Park, but with our Nordic climate in mind. Function and sustainability are in focus, so that you can enjoy the products for a long time to come. So meet the cold mountain, the crystal clear lakes, the moss along the thick paths or the rocky shoreline together with Yosemite by Biltema.

It all started with bicycles

Biltema is one of the largest bike dealers in the Nordic region, and our popular bikes have had different names over the years. On the very first bikes there was Biltema texted on the side, but in 1999 the name was changed to MA ́LABIKE. Back in 2002, when mountain bikes began to become a popular bike mode, Biltema chose to rename its bikes again. In connection with the spring catalogue in 2002, Biltema launched its mountain bikes, and named the bike series Yosemite.


Inspired by the National Park

Mountain bikes are terrain bikes designed to withstand tougher encounters with nature and the series was inspired by Yosemite National Park in California, and was therefore named Yosemite.

In Yosemite National Park, many people visit the giant half dome rock wall, whose granite is as durable as the granite cliffs of Bornholm, hiking along Rambler or Big Oak in the Yosemite Valley, where nature is as magnificent as it is along the ancient Maantiekuru hiking trail in Finland. Visitors also let the adrenaline pump as they climb the South Face, as adventurous as the climb in Haugfjell near Swedish Abisko. The epic adventures, and encounters with nature inspired the Yosemite series, and the first four bike models were named Half Dome, Big Oak, Rambler and South Face.

The new series became popular and in the years following the launch of the new models Mariposa, El Portal, Iron Hawk  and Ahwahnee, were also named to form a strong link to the magnificent and durable nature of Yosemite National Park. Ahwahnee is the longest-serving bike in our range and has an interesting historical connection to Yosemite. Ahwahnechee is a native Indian people who have historically lived in the Yosemite Valley for thousands of years, and their heritage shall be able to be found throughout the national park.

Biltema's bikes were called both Yosemite and MA ́LABIKE for a few years, and in 2004 completely switched to today's Yosemite. Yosemite's nature continues to inspire the names of the bikes, where the mountain bike Tamarack is named after the long hiking trail in the valley. The granite wall Half Dome has influenced the name choice for the electric bike for men, Dome. The women's electric bike, Madera, is instead named after Madera County, which is located at the southern entrance to Yosemite, and is called "California's Gateway to Yosemite."


Forests - Lush hiking in the forest


Sea and water - Discover amazing views


Rocks - Rocky landscapes

Yosemite by Biltema is growing

The roaring waters fall powerfully from the over 700-meter-high Yosemite Falls, just as the water powerfully falls over 800 meters in Ramnefjellsfossen, which is one of Norway's and the Nordic region's highest waterfalls. The water then quickly changes character, to calmly float on and fill other functions in nature's infinite cycle.
Like nature's many elements, which over time change characteristics and form, the Yosemite series was also developed in the autumn of 2020 to include a training range. A year later, the Outdoor range was also launched, with equipment for active days in nature including fishing and hunting.

Range for an active lifestyle

The harmony of nature, where the deep coniferous forests, the high mountain peaks and the mirrored lakes live in harmony, is at the heart of the Yosemite series. Yosemite by Biltema has been created for an active lifestyle, where function meets quality, creating a perfect combination for active people. Whether you go for a run in the mountains, discover the secrets of the forest with your family, or love peaceful fishing and thrilling hunting, the Yosemite series has the products that make your encounter with nature something special. The wilderness clothes in the series are designed so that you can go on adventures in nature, while wearing comfortable and functional clothes. They simply never give you a reason to stay indoors!

Activity, freedom and quality are the watchwords that permeate the entire range. The products are specially adapted to the Nordic climate and its many mountain peaks, lakes, widespread arable land and deep spruce forests.

The connection between nature and those of us who visit it is the same, whether you are hiking along Kungsleden in the Swedish mountains, or toughing it out along the Rambler hiking trail in Yosemite.

As the sun slowly descends over the massive granite cliffs, and darkness settles like a blanket over the Yosemite Valley, there are not many hours left until the sun's rays once again bring Nordic nature to life. With Yosemite by Biltema you are there, in the front row in the magical encounter with nature.


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