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Liquid putty

Liquid putty for wet rooms is a type of cement mixture and can sometimes also go under the name leveling compound, floor leveling or floor putty. Liquid putty that you use in the wet room comes in powder form, and then you mix it with water. In your wet room, the liquid putty should be treated with waterproofing membrane before laying ceramic tiles.

Liquid putty before tiles in wet rooms

Do you dream of a new tile floor in the bathroom or laundry room? Maybe with comfortable underfloor heating as well? Before laying the tile, a thorough work with liquid putty must be done, which is the mass that lies under the tiles and that evens out the subfloor. Liquid putty itself is not waterproof, but requires you to supplement with a waterproofing layer, to keep it waterproof. Liquid putty alone should not be seen as a finished floor surface, but you should lay a suitable floor on top.

Liquid putty with fall in wet room

In your wet room, such as the bathroom and laundry room, it is important that the water that ends up on the floor can get to the floor drain. Therefore, it is important that you liquid putty the floor with fall, before laying tiles.

Preparations for liquiding putty

Before you start liquiding putty, you always need to thoroughly clean the floor from dust, cement skin, grease and other dirt that can prevent the liquid putty from sticking. Then use a primer for better adhesion. Mix the liquid putty with the right amount of water for your work. We recommend that you use edging against the wall.

How to mix liquid putty

  1. Mix the powder with water and stir with the stirrer for about 3 minutes, until you get a liquid and lump-free mass.
  2. Let stand for 3 minutes and then mix for another 30 seconds.
  3. Pour the mass on the floor and level with a roller or steel putty knife.