Happy car-Christmas

Happy car-Christmas

Are you keen on cars? Then Christmas is a great time to "reward" yourself. Biltema has plenty to put under the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas with your car joy, we say!

Get your wishes fulfilled by the Biltema santa

You never really need an excuse to get stuff for the car, but since the bells will soon be jingling, now you can really go to town. At Biltema you will find everything to do with cars – both cheap and expensive gifts.
Just break free!

10 car gift tips

  • Car care products
  • Wheel changing tools
  • Electric toy car
  • Battery charger with booster and start-up help
  • Toolkit
  • Car stereo
  • Manuals
  • Workbench for the garage
  • Tool cart
  • Bicycle stand


Electric car

The playful car enthusiast surely dreams that the kids can start driving around in their own car at kindergarten age. Biltema's electric toy cars can make the dream come true.

Monster Jam Grave Digger can drive both forwards and backwards and has its own start sound, lights and horn. There are guaranteed to be many of these under the Christmas tree this year.

If you want to downsize a little, there are radio-controlled racing cars that light up in the dark.

Car care is a winner

For the adult motorist, car stereo is still a widely used Christmas gift. These are available in all versions with DAB+, FM, RDS and CD player – and of course with Bluetooth function for hands-free and streaming music.
If you really want to melt the heart of a car enthusiast, make sure your Christmas gifts contain car care sets. There's little that warms a car lover’s heart more than a well-groomed vehicle.
Biltema has car care sets, but you can also make up your own great gifts with wax, car shampoo, polish, tyre renewer, paintwork cleaner, scratch removers and microfibre cloths to name but a few from the long list.

Find the right car care for your car

Car stereo

Bookworms get their wishes fulfilled at Biltema. A great selection of car books for most car types. These can be used as reference books or just some pleasant reading in bed. If you are not particularly practical, you can at least impress with your knowledge.

Here you find our selection of car stereos

Have a wonderful car Christmas at Biltema!

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