Buy a robot vacuum cleaner - make cleaning easier

Buy a robot vacuum cleaner - make cleaning easier

Does everyday cleaning feel like a hamster wheel that never stops spinning? Are you tired of vacuuming the floors week in and week out? Facilitate everyday cleaning with an efficient and smart robot vacuum cleaner.

The robot vacuum cleaner is part of Biltema's Smart Home range, a range where all products are compatible, and can be controlled with the Tuya Smart app. The robot vacuum cleaner is an appreciated helper in the home and has made many people's everyday lives easier by taking care of everyday cleaning.

Advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner has many obvious advantages and is for most a life saver when it comes to putting together your everyday domestic puzzle. The robot vacuum cleaner that you can buy at Biltema has many advantages, and it also has a nice design!

Advantages of our robot vacuum cleaner

  • Efficient everyday cleaning
  • You get time to do other things
  • Quiet cleaning
  • Small and flexible - does not take up much space
  • Easy to control directly from the remote control or your phone
  • Four different cleaning patterns - customize your cleaning
  • The robot’s three stair sensors prevent it from falling down stairs and ledges
  • Equipped with crash sensors
  • Built-in voice that announces when stuck, needs to be cleared or needs to be charged
  • When the cleaning is complete, the robot returns to its charging base.

How does the robot vacuum cleaner work?

You control our smart robot vacuum cleaner with the remote control or the Tuya Smart app. Among other things, you can control when you want it to vacuum the floors and how. You can easily adjust the robot vacuum cleaner's suction power, according to the surface it is to clean. Choose between low, normal or high suction power.

Our robotic vacuum cleaner also has built-in stair sensors that prevent it from falling down stairs and ledges, which makes it safe to use upstairs as well. With our robotic vacuum cleaner, you can choose between four different cleaning patterns, which allows you to optimize your cleaning according to your and your home's needs. When the robot vacuum cleaner has finished cleaning, or has a low battery level, it returns itself to its charging station, which is connected to a wall socket.

The robot vacuum cleaner's different cleaning patterns

  • Automatic cleaning
    In this mode, the robot vacuum cleaner optimizes the cleaning by switching between the different programs, until the vacuuming is complete.

  • Spot cleaning
    A good alternative when the robot vacuum cleaner has to clean smaller areas. Then the robot cleans the area intensively in a spiral pattern.

  • Single room cleaning
    If you have a specific room that needs to be cleaned, single room cleaning is used. The robot vacuum cleaner vacuums as usual, but also runs edge cleaning before it finishes cleaning.

  • Edge cleaning
    In this position, the robot vacuum cleaner ensures that the edges of the rooms are properly cleaned.

Controll with Tuya Smart

One of the special features of our robot vacuum cleaner is that you can easily control it via a remote control or with the Tuya Smart app. You can also find all the functions on the remote control in the app, and you can schedule your cleaning in both places. So you can choose how you want to control your robot vacuum cleaner.

With the Tuya Smart app, you can remotely control all your smart products from Biltema. In the app, you easily add your robot vacuum cleaner and can control it wherever you are. In the app you can also see a map of where the robot vacuum cleaner has cleaned and is located. In addition, you can quickly get statistics on previous cleanings.

Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart is an app that works with all the Smart Home products we have at Biltema. With Tuya Smart, you can remotely control your connected smart products, wherever you are. The app is downloaded free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.

Robot vacuum cleaner that can overcome obstacles

There are many obstacles in the home for a robot vacuum cleaner and it is important that it gets a little help on the stack to be able to effectively vacuum the floors. The robot vacuum cleaner has nine collision sensors, so it easily navigates around larger obstacles. It is also equipped with a rubber strip that protects both the robot and smaller objects, such as table and chair legs in the event of a collision. Should the robot vacuum cleaner get stuck in something for some reason, it has a built-in voice that calls you, so you can help free it.

Boundary strip for the robot vacuum cleaner

Our robotic vacuum cleaner also comes with a 1 meter long magnetic demarcation strip, which you can use to delimit areas where you do not want the robotic vacuum cleaner to vacuum. This can be, for example, around low furniture, doorways or fragile objects. You can also buy a 5 meter long demarcation strip, if you have more places you want to demarcate.

Can the robot vacuum cleaner handle thresholds?

The vacuum cleaner has a threshold capacity of 1.5 cm, which means that it easily crosses thresholds that are up to 1.5 cm high.

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