Here at Biltema, we strive and work towards a value base with a focus on simplicity, frugality, action, order and flexibility. Below you can read more about what this means for Biltema.


We have a flat organization, which means that we have quick routes to decisions. In everything we do, we must constantly think: "can we do this in an easier way?" We shall not create unnecessary routines and unnecessary administration, at all levels we think simply and stripped down.


Our business concept is based on selling good quality products at prices that are lower than what you can find anywhere else. To do this, we must operate with a high degree of cost awareness. We do this at all levels - and constantly assess how we can make things cheaper and more cost-effective.

Power of action

With enthusiasm and a will to improve and move forward, we create job satisfaction and development! We are an entrepreneurial company and want employees who dare and want to take initiative.


Our department stores must be perceived as well-stocked, fresh and appealing to the customer. A clean and tidy department store sells better and also makes it more pleasant for you as an employee.


Our world around us is in constant change. In order to enable Biltema's continued expansion and development, flexibility and willingness to change is required, at all levels, which ensures continued success. In practical terms, this means that you adopt a flexible way of working and are willing to change tasks in an organization that develops in harmony with the needs and demands of the outside world.

Vision for our staff

At Biltema, we work with the customer in focus. The customer exists both externally and internally. By constantly practicing and expanding our skills, we develop Biltema.