Spontaneous applications

Spontaneous applications

Are we not advertising a position you are looking for right now? You are always welcome to submit a spontaneous application to us.

You can submit a spontaneous application...

  1. If you want to keep track of vacancies in a town and/or for a position which is not yet advertised or searchable – create a Job Agent in your profile, which will monitor your preferences for you.

  2. If you want to express your interest in a job in Biltema and want to ensure that your application is available for selection when we need to recruit new employees – state in your CV where you wish to work and in what area. "Connect" with the warehouse you want to send an application to.


How to create your spontaneous application

To create a spontaneous CV or update a CV, click here.

When you create your account, we recommend that you enter your email address as your username. This will make it easier to remember your login details.

When you submit a spontaneous application and want to send a cover letter with your CV, we ask you to combine them into a single document, since the system only accepts uploaded files for spontaneous applications.

Please specify where you want to work when you submit a spontaneous application.

Welcome to submit your application!