Centring tool.

Art. 19-1578
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Universal centring tool for clutch plate both with and without guide/pilot bearings.
Centres the disc with the pressure plate and thus facilitates assembly with the flywheel. Can be used with most discs and pressure plates and replaces the guide pins/centring devices that can most often only be used for one type of clutch mechanism.
Can also be used where pilot/guide bearings in the crankshaft are missing. Interchangeable sockets for installation of discs with centre holes from 10 mm to 30 mm diameter.
Using this tool the work of centring the disc to the pressure plate can be done on the bench and can thereafter be mounted as a single unit onto the flywheel.
Contains pilot bearing/guide bearing adapters with centre holes Ø10 mm to 30 mm, adapter for pressure plate, holder and cone adapter. For most cars, light trucks, etc. Illustrated instructions in English are included.

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