Storing Christmas baubles and Christmas decorations

It’s always a little sad when you take the Christmas baubles off the Christmas tree and pack away all the Christmas decorations. After all, this is the most pleasant season of the year. Christmas is a special time for most people.

Guide to packing away Christmas decorations

But everything comes to an end, unless you celebrate Christmas all year round. However, most Christmas-loving Danes take down their Christmas decorations immediately after Christmas or just before New Year, as there must be room for the New Year’s decorations. So, you will need Christmas bauble boxes and practical Christmas decoration storage, which is the main topic of this article. But first...

... when should you take down Christmas decorations?

There are both sayings and traditions at stake when a family decides when Christmas ends and when Christmas decorations should be taken down. Fortunately, this is a democratic decision that the family agrees on.

The saying “Christmas lasts until Easter” is certainly used and lived by in several places. But if you read about Christmas traditions online, Christmas lasts until January 6, which is on Epiphany. This day marks the end of the traditional twelve days of Christmas, and many close the Christmas season and pack away Christmas decorations.

But luckily, nothing is written in stone when it comes to packing away Christmas decorations. In Denmark, you can celebrate Christmas for as long as you want to. And more and more people are leaving the string lights on their home exteriors throughout the month of January. It’s very cosy!


In this article we offer some good tips on what you should consider when the decision is finally made and you pack away Christmas decorations. First of all:

Where do you plan to store the Christmas decorations?

Will the Christmas decorations be stored in the attic, garage, or an indoor closet? It’s actually an important decision, because temperature, humidity, and rodents can all result in you having a smaller collection next year.

If your Christmas decorations will be placed in a cold attic, then we recommend that you pack them in sturdy plastic containers with an attached lid. This will help the Christmas decorations to withstand moisture and cold to a greater extent. You’ll be really happy with that decision.


If you store Christmas decorations indoors, in a closet for example, then you have a little more freedom in choosing storage containers, since the area is not as sensitive to moisture. Having a logical mindset will help you when packing Christmas decorations.

Here you will find all our storage containers.

We have a large selection of transparent plastic storage containers so you can see what you have packed in each. But if you want more neutral containers, choose our black plastic storage containers.

Storing larger Christmas decorations and Christmas Santas

A transparent plastic bag is a classic storage option, in which you can pack larger Christmas Santas and tie the top. This will also protect them from moisture. It’s an easy way to store big Christmas decorations.  We also have black and blue garbage bags.

It’s an easy and manageable a solution. And a 120-cm-tall Santa Claus will also like it.

Good tips for Christmas decoration storage

The first step when taking down your Christmas decorations is to figure out what you want to pack away and use again next year. After all, you may have Christmas decorations that, in the midst of the celebrations, have been damaged and are not worth keeping. So, first sort your Christmas decorations and then estimate how many storage containers you will need when you go into packing mode.

It’s a great feeling once you know what storage options you will need for your Christmas decorations. Broken Christmas decorations have been discarded, and the Christmas decorations have been sorted into colours and categories.

Sort your Christmas decorations into categories

By sorting your decorations, you will have more control over them next year when the time comes to decorate again. Of course, it depends on the amount of Christmas decorations you have. Do you have loads of decorations or a more manageable number of Christmas baubles and decorations in the containers? It can definitely help you if you sort out what you have. Then you’ll be ready for next Christmas.

Once you have sorted, you can place the individual categories in separate containers, or pack them in smaller boxes, such as motion ornaments in their own box and the Christmas baubles sorted by colour into smaller boxes, and then placed in a larger container.

Label the containers

If you opt for the black storage containers, you should place a label on them describing what Christmas decorations they contain. You can either buy labels or use a marker pen to write on a sticker.

Christmas bauble boxes and how you should pack them

At Biltema you will find a number of options for packing away Christmas baubles securely. A box with partitions is a good choice for keeping the Christmas baubles separate to reduce the risk of them breaking. The glass baubles should be packed in their own compartments, or wrapped in bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard, but do not put too much weight on top of the glass baubles.


Heirlooms and the more personal Christmas ornaments are naturally given more care and consideration when they are packed away. Since they have great sentimental value, they are usually placed in the safest part of the Christmas decoration container. 

Below you will find storage options for your Christmas baubles, and we hope to soon have specially designed Christmas bauble boxes in our range.

Strings lights and Christmas lights

If you just throw your long string lights into a box, they will undoubtedly become knotted, and will take a lot of patience to untangle. Most of us have probably experienced that – like when your dad hands you a football-shaped jumble of string lights and tells you to untangle them. But we have a tip to avoid knots. And it’s actually very simple.

Take that clothes hanger at the back of the closet that you never use anyway, and wrap your string lights around it. Then it will be really easy to roll out for next year, or set up one metre at a time.

So now you’ve packed away all the Christmas decorations. Now all you need to do is carry the boxes up to the attic or to the closet.

Below you will find Biltema’s full range of storage options for the home. Both large and small storage containers, wheeled under bed storage containers, and much more. Everything you may need for storing Christmas decorations.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Biltema.


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