Christmas gifts for the whole family from Biltema

Christmas gifts for the whole family from Biltema

It’s not always easy to know what to give your nearest and dearest as a Christmas gift. You go from shop to shop, looking for that perfect Christmas gift, which will trump all other Christmas gifts. We have good news for you! You can stop looking now, because with us you will find Christmas gifts that the whole family will appreciate.

You’ll find Christmas gifts for the whole family with us!

On this page we have listed our best sellers, news and old favourites. Suggestions for Christmas gifts that we think you, and the whole family, will simply love.


It hums and makes noises, and when it doesn't start you might cry. You sit comfortably and steer, and in roundabouts you might sometimes get a little dizzy. Don't forget to check the blind spot before changing lanes, here you will find everything for your car.

For the car fanatic, a Christmas present from our range of cars is a matter of course!
Buy items for the winter season, a phone holder or maybe a smart rear camera?

Our car range


Car care

Clean, wash, care, paint - this is a gift that everyone will thank you for.
When you're about to drive away, you want to arrive in style, and then you need to nurture and care for your car. Reflect yourself in the shine of the car - with good car care, the wash goes like a dance.

Give car care to your car-obsessed friend, family member or colleague. In our assortment you will find products for, among other things, car washing, paint care, car maintenance and motor oils. You will also find machines for car care.

Our car care range


What the children like to play with can be a matter of taste, but here you are guaranteed to find an appreciated toy. A doll, car, toy kitchen or craft box, many Christmas presents this year might be hard?
If the package is soft, you should check out our soft toys, maybe they can ride Santa's sleigh for a ride?

Shop for fun and imaginative toys for the children for Christmas. With us, you will find everything for the toy kitchen, trains, toy cars, radio-controlled toys and dolls.

Our range of toys


Headphones, a computer mouse or keyboard - can be yours if you give the Santa a few kind words. With products from our gaming range, it's game on - all Christmas long!

Give a quality gaming accessory to someone you care about this Christmas. In our assortment, you can buy, among other things, a comfortable gaming chair, a comfortable gaming headset or other practical gaming accessories.

Our range of gaming 


Furnishing, cleaning, storage and kitchen – this category is worth a visit in the middle of all the Christmas chaos. In your search we hope you get a pacifier, and in our home category find your perfect Christmas present.

Give away an appreciated Christmas present from our large assortment within Hem. Here you will find everything from efficient household appliances, smart storage solutions, kitchen items and products for relaxing massages and well-being.

Our home range


Let your loved ones meet nature in practical outdoor clothing - they work perfectly in all weathers. Snow, rain, sun and wind, with outdoor clothing you will fit in in nature.

Soft packages with functional outdoor clothing are a Christmas present favorite for many. Our outdoor clothing for both men and women has a good fit and high functionality, so that long days in nature never have to get cold or wet.

Our range of outdoor



Screw, saw, hammer and build - this Christmas present will give Santa out even if you've been naughty. With a toolbox you can't knead the lussebulls dough, but you can build a nice storage box. Good tools make your construction easier, so you have more time for relaxing.

In our wide range of tools, you are guaranteed to find the Christmas presents for the handy person. Give away a practical hand tool, a powerful power tool or perhaps new workshop equipment? Here you will find a Christmas gift that will bring carpentry joy for many years to come.

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You want to move, so get started and start training! Find your favorites in our wide training range, preferably before the fourth advent. Training clothes and training accessories - under the Christmas tree belong.

Shop for Christmas presents for the active! Regardless of whether the person trains in the home gym or outdoors, we have training accessories that make training effective, challenging and fun!

Our training range