Christmas gifts from Biltema

Christmas gifts from Biltema

It’s not always easy to know what to give your nearest and dearest as a Christmas gift. You go from shop to shop, looking for that perfect Christmas gift, which will trump all other Christmas gifts. We have good news for you! You can stop looking now, because with us you will find Christmas gifts that the whole family will appreciate.

You’ll find Christmas gifts for the whole family with us!

On this page we have listed our best sellers, news and old favourites. Suggestions for Christmas gifts that we think you, and the whole family, will simply love.

Bicycle / Electric bicycle

A bicycle is always an appreciated Christmas present to give! It’s always of use and it’s a cheap means of transport for commuters. Check out our wide range of bicycles and cycle accessories - and give someone a big surprise package this Christmas.

Car/motor cycle

Tools, styling, lighting or accessories - we have everything for the car enthusiast! Here we can almost dare to guarantee you that you will find a Christmas gift that will be both appreciated and used. Every car owner needs to take care of the car!


Are you going to give a Christmas present to someone who has just moved away from home? Or who may have bought a new cottage? Or just someone who loves interior design? Then you should look for Christmas gifts in our home range! Here we have everything in interior design, storage, cleaning and kitchen items - and much more of course!

Leisure time

Here you will find the perfect Christmas gifts for the nature lover who loves everything that has to do with the outdoor life, and is happy to go fishing or hunting. You can also find Christmas gifts for the active exercise lover and creative and fun toys for the children.

Car care

Polish, wash, care, paint - buy a Christmas gift that both the car and the recipient will thank you for. Many of us love to take care of the car and can wash and polish it for hours!


The handy, or not so handy, can always make use of tools at home. Whether you live in an apartment, a house or on a farm, there are always things that need to be screwed, hammered or repaired. So pamper someone you love with a practical toolbox or tool kit. We have a wide range of tools for all types of building and projects.

Multimedia / office

Mobile phones, computers and technology are an ever-increasing part of people's everyday lives. So buy a Christmas gift that is really up to the minute. Among other things, here you can find gifts for those who are crazy about gaming or interested in computers. There are also many who have started working more and more from home; maybe you should give something practical for the home office?


Here you can find Christmas gifts for those interested in building things. Maybe the wardrobe with work clothes needs an update? Or is some extra material needed for a building project at home?


Do you have loved ones who love to take the boat out to sea? Then a Christmas gift from our large boat range is an excellent idea. We have all the equipment for the boat and sailing. Maybe you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone who loves playing fast on the water? Then check out our water sports category.