Electrical installations in the home

Get up to speed on authorisations

For safety, health and environmental reasons, certain installation work is subject to authorisation.

Your responsibility as a consumer

Electrical, plumbing and sewage installations must be both safe and lawful. This is a shared responsibility.

Learn what you can do without authorisation

The Danish Safety Technology Authority has made 15 short informational films showing what consumers may do without authorisation.

What can you do yourself? – Find out at sik.dk

Many Danes carry out DIY work. And many are unsure as to when work with electricity, plumbing and sewage requires authorisation. This is indicated in a new survey on the behaviour and knowledge of Danes about work requiring authorisation. The Danish Safety Technology Authority has therefore has initiated a nationwide information campaign titled: What can you do yourself? – Find out at sik.dk

Report unauthorised work

You are able to report unauthorised work to the Danish Safety Technology Authority. Find out how to do this and what information your report should contain.

Authorisation Registry

The Danish Safety Technology Authority's Authorisation Registry allows you to search and check whether a company has obtained authorisation and approval for electricity, plumbing, sewage and gas.

The Do-It-Yourself House

A range of work in properties may only be performed by authorised companies. This applies, for example, to work involving electrics, plumbing, sewage and gas. By clicking or hovering the mouse over the various installations in the "Do-It-Yourself House", you can read more about which work requires authorisation and what you can do yourself.