Summer is for Garden Parties – 5 tips for turning your garden into a party venue

Summer is for Garden Parties – 5 tips for turning your garden into a party venue

There’s nothing like a garden party on a sunny summer’s day. Summer is the best time for parties, but what should you consider when arranging an outdoor party? Read our tips for a successful garden party!

The summer sun warms gently, a cheerful buzz fills the party tent erected in the yard, and the intoxicating smells from the grill make your mouth water – it’s so wonderful to have a party outdoors! Summer is definitely the best time for garden parties. In the summer we celebrate midsummer, confirmations, school graduations and birthdays. Now is the perfect time to prepare your garden or backyard for throwing parties. Here are our tips on how to arrange a successful garden party.

1. A party tent keeps out the sun and the rain

Summer is wonderful, but it’s also a little unpredictable when it comes to the weather. Don’t let the weather take you by surprise on the day of the party. Instead, put up a party tent or a gazebo in the yard. You can then set up a dining area inside the tent or even a buffet. This open, collapsible gazebo with Quick-Up function is easy to put up and take down. This robust party tent with window walls is ideal for all types of weather.

Here you find our practical party tents and pavilions.

2.Choose garden furniture suitable for parties

Is the party for socialising or for enjoying good food? Set up a few patio tables in a line together with elegant garden benches so that all your guests can enjoy the party at the same table. Or place several café tables and chairs all around the yard. A comfortable patio set is perfect for casual socialising. If you don’t have enough seating, you can make use of these robust storage boxes: flip them over and they serve as practical stools. And don’t forget about this metal tray table, which is very useful for serving drinks!

Check out our wide range of outdoor furniture.

3.Best item on the party table: washable containers that can cool drinks

It’s a lot of fun to throw parties, but using disposable containers is not good for the environment. It’s better to opt for plastic tableware and cutlery that can be washed in your dishwasher. They can be used over and over again, which means they are more environmentally friendly than disposable containers. Conjure up a durable and stylish party table setting with plastic containers, which do not contain BPA plastic.


In the summer heat, nothing beats a refreshing cold drink. The only problem is that drinks get warm quickly in the hot weather. So a good idea is to make an ice bed for your garden party drinks in a stylish zinc bucket! The drinks will definitely stay cold among the ice cubes.

4.Furnishings and lighting create a party atmosphere

You can create a cosy atmosphere for your garden party with furnishings and outdoor luminaires. It is more comfortable to sit on garden chairs that have seat cushions. On a chilly evening, it’s a good idea to keep some warming blankets close at hand so no one has to freeze. LED candles are a good complement to table settings, while lanterns  at the entrance or on the patio can create a charming scene. Outdoor string lights shine beautifully in the evening twilight. You can also decorate with cool decorative solar lamps!


5. Food from the grill is the highlight of the garden party: cook the burgers easily!

A garden party wouldn’t be much without delicious food. Grilling is definitely what makes summer so amazing. In this double grill you can prepare delicacies for all your party guests. Burgers are a real classic at garden parties and are always appreciated. You can prepare flat, solid hamburger patties yourself with a hamburger press. The patties can then be cooked without breaking apart or falling through the grill grate. Set up a hamburger buffet so that your guests can build their favourite hamburgers themselves!

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