Digital multimeter

Art. 15-133
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Compact all-round instrument that measures DC and AC voltage, DC and resistance in five different measurement ranges, and tests 1.5 and 9 V batteries. With protection against high voltages and currents. Connection tester with beeper (< 100 Ohm). Supplied with test cables and battery.

Measurement range
  • Direct current voltage, DCV: 0–200–2000 mV/0–20–200–600 V
  • Alternating current voltage ACV: 0–200–600 V
  • Direct current, DCA: 0–200–2000 µA/0–20–200 mA / 0–10 A
  • Resistance, OHM: 0–200–2000 W/0–20–200–2000 kW
    • Weight: 260 g
    • Dimensions: 140 x 65 x 45 mm
    • Battery type: 9 V

Spare parts

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