Focus on quality at all levels

Focus on quality at all levels

High quality

The simple idea behind Biltema’s quest for high quality is that poor quality ends up being expensive. Ensuring the right level of quality in our products is something that is tested in many different ways. Tests, analyses and functional inspections take place both before Biltema adopts a product and on continuously while the product remains in the range. Biltema carries out its own quality control upon delivery from manufacturers, with everything from random sampling to inspection of complete deliveries before the products are packaged and distributed to Biltema’s warehouse and ultimately our stores.

Low claim rate

Biltema’s goal is to achieve a claim rate that does not exceed 0.5%. The claim rate is the percentage of products that Biltema recalls due to a fault in the product, as a share of the total sales. Currently, we have an average claim rate below 0.6%, which is a good, but still a bit from our target.

High requirements on producers and suppliers

We consider it paramount that our producers and suppliers comply with the social rights existing in each respective country. Child labour must under no circumstances occur, and the applicable minimum age for workers must be strictly adhered to.

All suppliers and manufacturers must comply with:

  • Prevailing environmental laws
  • National labour laws
  • Safety regulations.

All suppliers and manufacturers are informed of Biltema’s requirements and must confirm their compliance in writing. Our employees around the world also work continuously to check that the above laws and regulations are followed through planned and unplanned visits.