Meet Nina, Deputy Manager

Meet Nina, Deputy Manager

Name: Nina Thestrup

Position: Deputy Manager, Biltema Slagelse

How long have you been working at Biltema and why did you choose Biltema in the first place?

I have worked at Biltema twice.

I first started in 2019, and I worked here for just over a year. I took the job because Brian (Store Manager in Biltema Slagelse) wrote to me and said that he needed someone. At the time, I had just had a year in which I had been suffering from stress and anxiety after a car accident and a divorce. So, it was actually my salvation to come here because it was a safe place for me to be. Of course, I knew Brian a little, as I had worked with him before, but it was felt safe for me because I could develop again. When you go through an illness, you may not be quite as confident.

The second time I joined Biltema, I contacted Brian myself because I think I missed working after I left. I had a hard time finding my place or what I was going to do at the time, but I could feel some things that were pulling me back. I liked the working environment here and how things are. At that time, he didn’t exactly need anyone, but then he contacted me about a month later and said he needed a deputy manager. I had served as a deputy manager before, but not here at Biltema, so for me it was an easy decision.

Until Brian wrote to me that first time, I had never set foot in a Biltema didn’t actually know much about the company – but I do now.

Do you enjoy your responsibilities as Deputy Manager?

 Yes, I do. I like to make sure my employees are happy at work – that’s important to me. I enjoy my duties in the store, as well as the administrative tasks, and I enjoy having a busy workday.

Are you more of an office manager or floor manager? In other words, do you prefer being face-to-face with customers?

I would describe myself as mixed. I like sitting in the office, but in terms of customer contact, I’d actually rather be in the store. I would much rather speak with a customer in the store than on the phone. It’s much easier to have a chat with the customer and it helps to read the customer.

I really like being in the store and I like it when things are happening out there.

Which of Biltema’s 9 product categories do you know the most about if a customer asks questions?

I’m a woman, so it would probably be HOME if I had to choose one category. But I have reasonably good knowledge of all categories. I’ve worked on cars in the past and I’ve built a lot myself, so I can know a little about most categorises. HOME, however, is where I am strongest, or OFFICE.

Why is this deputy manager position the right job for you?

Well, I think it’s because I’m passionate about good teamwork, and being able to contribute to the professional development of others. And having knowledge of what is really going on behind the scenes motivates me to work hard and to give more of myself. Just going out on the floor and filling up goods – if I don’t feel part of something or know what’s going on, then I’m not as motivated.

Can you give a fun fact about yourself – what was the first Biltema product you bought and took home?

A fun fact is that I had never set foot in a Biltema before I started working here. I think that’s kind of fun to think about, and now I’m part of Biltema and love working here.

The first thing I bought – I’ve really thought about it, and it was along time ago – I think it must have been a toy for one of my children. I can’t say exactly, but I think it was a toy – because we have two girls at home. After all, I like to spoil them.

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