5 stylish gift calendars you can make yourself

5 stylish gift calendars you can make yourself

The time in the run-up to Christmas is the time for Christmas preparations and fun. One of these pleasant preparations is making advent calendars. You can quickly be overwhelmed when you have to come up with 24 packages on the night before the first of December!

The best thing is to keep it simple, and it doesn't have to be expensive either. Biltema has 19,000 products and something for both young and old, whether your nearest and dearest prefer tools or workout clothes.

The first thing we have to do is find everything we will need. Here we are talking about wrapping paper, gift ribbons, scissors and whatever we need to wrap the presents. The most important thing is that you put a little work and love into the calendar. At the bottom of the page we have collected together a number of current products that could be good calendar gifts.

Children's calendar

It doesn't take much to create a fine and stylish children's calendar that lifts the Christmas spirit. Here you can choose to combine products that you think the child would like. For example, plastic animals with 22 parts, or 5 toy cars that you get at a price you will like.
The good news is that you get great value for money, while the children can play and enjoy themselves for hours.

Our full range of toys

Tool calendar

Biltema is an eldorado for those who like tools or gadgets. The tool calendar can easily be made by buying one toolkit so you can pick out individual pieces. It could also be smaller accessories for machines and tools, an 18-part bit set for example. It depends on whether you have an idea of what the recipient actually needs or wants.

You find our tools here

Car care calendar

The car care calendar is also in classic Biltema style. Here you can fill the packages with everything from wheel brushes to leather care kits, steering wheel covers, air fresheners and everything for the car enthusiast. Have a look through the products and see if you find things you think would be natural to include in the car care calendar.

Check out our section of car care

The workout calendar

Even though Christmas is often linked to good food and drink, we have many products to suit an "active" calendar. Everything from ankle socks, reflectors and sports underwear to fishing sunglasses and spinner sets.
Reflectors are important as the days get shorter.
At the same time, it's something you never think about buying when you're in the shop. The sports underwear is worth trying, and maybe you will discover a completely new and comfortable way to train with these? Try to put together good gift combinations in the workout calendar. There are many options for the active calendar recipient.

Find other christmas gifts within our workout range

Family and dog calendar

It's nice to do something together. With the family calendar, everyone gets some personal packages as well as shared gifts and things they can do together. One of the packages could be outdoor lighting/strings of lights, so that the whole family can go out and decorate together with light, and then they do things together as a family.

Here you can even choose to include the four-legged family members and add dog treats or, for example, a flashing reflector. A pack of chewing sticks is the easiest. If you distribute the sticks, there may be enough sticks for the whole of December. Whatever it is, it’s worth adding a little of the pets range and see if you can combine some small gifts here too.

The calendar gifts can be put in a wicker basket. It can stand on the kitchen table and inspire a small calendar get-together every day. Or you can hang the packages on an indoor ladder. If you decorate with some lights, it becomes extra cosy.


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