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Buying guide – Pet supplies for your four-legged friends

Pets enrich life in so many ways. They quickly become a cuddly family friend who brings joy and warmth. Therefore, it is also important to take care of your pet in the best possible way. In our large pet range, you will find quality pet accessories that will be favourites for many years to come, for everyone in the family. With us you will find a base range, with all the most important things for your pet - affordable and with a focus on function. 

Accessories for your dog 

Regardless of whether you have a large, medium or small dog, you will find what you need with us. In our wide range of dog accessories, you can choose between different models of dog crates, dog leads, dog toys and dog beds. You will also find nutritious dog food, chew sticks for better oral health and tasty dog treats.  

Do you hunt with your dog? If so, then you can buy your tracking line and tracking harness from us!  

In our range you will find, among other things:  

  • Dog crates 
  • Dog beds 
  • Dog food and dog treats 
  • Dog collar 
  • Dog lead 
  • Dog toys 
  • Dog equipment 
  • Dog food bowls 
  • Dog grooming 
  • Reflectors 

When buying dog equipment, regardless of whether it is a dog crate, dog bed or dog food, you should always take the needs of your dog into consideration, in particular its size and age.  

Regular exercise and grooming 

Anyone who has a dog knows that they require regular exercise and walks outside. Depending on your dog's size, they require different amounts of exercise and stimulation, but all dogs need everyday walks, as this is where they fulfill their needs. Therefore, a dog lead and a collar are two of the most important accessories to buy for your dog. 

It is also important to buy quality products to take care of your dog's coat. That could be dog shampoo, a set of hair clippers and carder, or claw clippers.  

Accessories for your cat  

Whether you already have a cat or you are about to welcome a new four legged family member, you will find quality cat accessories with us at Biltema. We have everything from cat toys to cat food in several different varieties, so that you can find what suits your cat. In our range you will also find cozy cat beds that your cat can sleep in. If you have an outdoor cat, a reflective collar can be a good investment, so that your cat can be seen better in the dark. 

In our range you will find:  

  • Cat beds 
  • Cat carriers 
  • Cat collars and leads 
  • Cat litter trays
  • Cat toys 
  • Cat food 
  • Reflectors 

Cats need stimulation  

Stimulation for your cat is especially important if it is an indoor cat. Therefore, it is important that you have the right type of cat accessories such as a cat tree and different types of cat toys. Maybe you want to take your cat out for a walk for some exercise and stimulation? Buy a practical cat harness from us.  

Frequently asked questions about domestic pets

What dog accessories do I need?

It depends on the breed of dog you have and the dog's needs. But it is always good to have a collar and lead, a dog bed, dog food bowl, grooming equipment and of course dog food. 

What cat accessories do I need?

It depends on what needs your cat has and whether it is an indoor or outdoor cat. If you have an indoor cat, it is good to get a cat tree and toys. Cats also need a food bowl, litter box and a cozy place to sleep. For an outdoor cat, it is also a good idea to buy a reflective collar.