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Football Buyer’s Guide – how to choose a suitable football 

To play football, you need to have a football, but it can be difficult to know which football is best for you. After all, they come in all sorts of sizes, colours and materials. In this guide, we will help you find the perfect football from our range. 

Choose a football of the right size 

The size of football depends on the age of the person who will use the football. 

  • Size 5 – from age 12 
  • Size 4 – for children between 8 and 12 
  • Size 3 – for younger children up to age 7 

The weight of the football is also important. Choose the lightest ball possible – then it will be easier to kick. If you are buying a football for a very young child, a lightweight plastic football is ideal. 

Choose a football in a durable material 

Footballs need to endure a lot of kicks and knocks. Biltema’s footballs are therefore made of synthetic materials that make them both durable and easier to control. 

Frequently asked questions about footballs

What size football should I get? 

The size of the ball depends on how old you are and what ball weight you want. Check our table above to find out which size suits you best. 

What are footballs made of? 

A football usually has three layers – an outer layer in PVC or PU, a protective middle layer in foam rubber, for example, and an inner air bladder made of latex or butyl, for example.