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Wooden toys

Here you will find a series of natural, timeless and durable wooden toys, which generation after generation can play with. The wooden toys exercises the children’s motor skills and are at the same time educational and developing.
The range is carefully developed, where the focus has been on creative toys that challenges children's playfulness, imagination and social skills.

We have a wide range of indoor toys, and wooden toys are no exception. On this page, you will find our current range of wooden toys. The range includes train tracks and toolboxes. Scroll down and go ahead with exploring our the toys, you will definitely find something that the children like.

We have the wooden toys for your kids

Toys are not only a source of much laughter and entertainment; they can also be a source of motor skills development and learning. Therefore, it is only positive that your child loves to play.
The range of toys is almost endless today, and you can buy toys in all different shapes, sizes and materials. There are many different plastic toys to be found in the shops, but there is also a large proportion of the toys that today are made of wood. On this page you will find Biltema´s range of wooden toys.

If your child is crazy about wooden toys, and if you share his or her interest, you have come to the right place! We have a large selection of high-quality wooden toys. Here you will find, among other things:

  • Railways
  • Parking garage
  • Toy cars
  • Doctor bags
  • …and much more

Wood is usually not a cheap material, but in our range you can find quality wooden toys, at low prices. Another good thing for you is that we offer wooden toys for both large and small children. Therefore, we almost dare to guarantee that one of all our wooden toys will appeal to your child.

Three good reasons to by wooden toys

For decades, plastic toys have been very popular, but in recent years, there has also been a great deal of interest in wooden toys. This is of course because more and more parents have opened their eyes to the many benefits of buying wooden toys.

If you are looking for new toys for your child, and have considered whether it might be a good idea to buy wooden toys or not, you will find the many benefits interesting.

Good reasons to buy wooden toys:

  1. Toys are usually more environmentally friendly and sustainable.
    In our range of wooden toys, we only sell toys without harmful chemicals. This is not only an advantage for your kids´ health, but also for the environment. Plastic, that many toys are made out of, usually effects the environment much more then wood does. This is why wooden toys are a good alternative.
  2. Wooden toys often has a long life span.
    Wooden toys with high quality are almost impossible to wear out. If you are looking to buy toys for your son or daughter where functionality and appearance last a long time, despite frequent play, you should buy wooden toys.
  3. Wooden toys offers a timeless design.
    Wooden toys can be inherited with advantage, not just because of the good durability and long life span, but also due to the timeless design that many toys have.

The perfect gift for kids and childish souls

Toys are always a good idea to give away as a gift. However, it is no secret that some toys are more popular than others. A good example of popular toys are wooden toys. Especially train tracks and wooden parking garages tend to fall into good soil with most children. Are you looking for the perfect gift or Christmas present for your child? Wooden toys are a good idea!

Order and pick up toys today

It should be easy and cheap to buy wooden toys – and it is at Biltema. You can order wooden toys online and pick them up at your local warehouse.