9 great items of fishing gear and fishing equipment for a fishing trip

9 great items of fishing gear and fishing equipment for a fishing trip

There are plenty of great experiences for the whole family when you go fishing. Fresh air in the lungs and the cold wind that bites the cheeks in winter.

Have you seen our selection of outdoor clothes and fishing equipment in the stores? Then you are dressed for fishing all year round.

Fishing clothes for a fishing trip

Any fishing trip, especially in winter, starts with the attire. At Biltema you will find our outdoor wear from Yosemite by Biltema. Where you will find both outdoor jacket and trousers as well as a lot of other clothing and accessories suitable for fishing in cold winter weather. The jacket is waterproof and also has a breathable shell. This way the jacket will not get wet and uncomfortable on the inside. Both jacket and trousers have ventilation and waterproof pockets with a zipper. These are clothes designed to be outside - all year round.

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Fishing tackle box/storage

If you need room for everything for your fishing trip, you should consider a large fishing tackle box. This can be worn over the shoulder using the shoulder strap, until you need a chair to sit on while waiting for the fish to bite. This means you are not sitting on cold ground. Inside the box there are some smart outfitting options that allow you to keep track of all your fishing gear in divided spaces that you customise yourself. There is an integrated seat cushion on the fishing tackle box, but you can easily add a self-inflating seat cushion for your fishing trip, which keeps the cold away when you are sitting on the ground.


Waterproof sports bag

When you are close to water then consider getting a waterproof bag to transport your clothing in. It is always a good idea to have dry clothes available, especially on a longer fishing trip. Or if you follow the layering principle and have extra clothes with you.

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Multi-function fishing rod holder

Dou you want to avoid getting tired arms if there is a long wait between bites? With a fishing rod holder, you can also make sure that your fishing rod avoids causing scratches or damage if you are on the water in a boat. This fishing rod holder has room for three vertically standing fishing rods, as well as a decent gap between the rods where you can store the gear you need.


A waterproof fly box

With a waterproof fly box, you ensure that your flies are kept dry. There is plenty of room for the flies you use for inshore fishing as well as for a trip to a put and take lake. You can also use the box for smaller lures and it is good to have in your pocket if you are fishing in waders.

Keepnet/fishing nets

With a fishing net like this, also known as a keepnet, you keep the fish you have caught fresh all day, so you do not have to lug a cooler along as well. The keepnet is easily anchored with the strap which can be attached wherever you want, at the water's edge or behind a boat.


Fishing flyer

A good pair of fishing pliers is indispensable to the angler and we offer a large selection in different price ranges. In the picture you will see one pair of our fishing pliers, which are aimed at the discerning fisherman. The pliers have hardened tungsten jaws that easily cut the thickest braided fishing line. You often use the pliers when you are fishing, so choose a pair of pliers with many high quality applications.


Ice fishing with a jig rod set

If one day you find that you have to break the ice to fish then use a jig fishing set. It is not often that we find that you can ice fish in Denmark, but if you plan to ice fish, then Biltema is ready to help you with the correct equipment so that you can safely fish during the winter season.

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Outdoor axe

If a fire is going to be made on a fishing trip then an outdoor axe is good to take along on the trip. Especially if you intend to make a camp fire and cook the fish you catch – a good meal requires that there are fish that bite, so good luck if you are hungry on your fishing trip. Otherwise, you are going to need to take along a packed lunch.


The equipment is not everything, but it does not hurt to look like someone who knows what they are doing.


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