Cleaning tips for autumn and winter - with the right equipment, it takes no time to clean your home

Cleaning tips for autumn and winter - with the right equipment, it takes no time to clean your home

Autumn and winter are a great time to clean your home. Autumn brings rainy days, and in winter storms you do not want to go out. Bad outdoor days, however, have their advantages: they provide a perfect opportunity to clean the home. Take a look at our practical cleaning tips and get started!

Here in Scandinavia summer is short, so we want to take the opportunity to enjoy the sunny and warm days as much as possible. This means it will not feel so tempting to spend time indoors with a vacuum cleaner or mop - and in the event of a heat wave, you should take it easy anyway. Now that the summer days outdoors are over, it may be high time to focus on the home and cleaning.

With the right equipment, cleaning is quick and easy, at any time of the year. At Biltema, you will find necessary cleaning products for all surfaces in the home, the kitchen, the bathroom and other spaces. With us you will find, for example, vacuum cleaners, mops, cleaning cloths and cleaning products. We have also collected cleaning tips for the home, so that cleaning in autumn and winter is even easier!

A microfibre cloth makes the cleaning of surfaces in the home easier

A microfibre cloth is an excellent cleaning product for comfortable and environmentally friendly cleaning. Always start by cleaning the cleanest surfaces and continue to the dirtier surfaces. It is always good to dust from top to bottom. With a microfibre cloth, you not only remove dust, but also dirt and grease stains, and you may not even need to use any detergent. A slightly moistened microfibre cloth provides the best cleaning effect, so it should not be soaked too much. A dry microfibre cloth is also suitable for cleaning home electronics.

Clean floors make the whole home look fresh

It pays to vacuum the floor regularly to prevent, for example, stones that come in on shoes from scratching the floor surface. In the autumn and winter, stains on the floors are also a familiar sight. It pays to remove them and other stains immediately so that they do not have time to work their way into the floor.


Drying of wood and laminate floors is best done with a lightly dampened mop. Remember that these floor materials do not tolerate excessive moisture. The mop should be washed often as a dirty mop spreads the dirt from room to room. It is a good idea to have some spare mop heads in the cleaning cupboard so they are not all in the laundry when you need them for cleaning. Choose a floor cleaner that is intended for the floor material you have in your home.

Make the Christmas or january cleaning smooth and organic

For many people, Christmas or january cleaning is an important events. To make the cleaning as comfortable as possible, it is good to get it started well in advance. A well-planned cleaning is already half finished before you even get round to starting the cleaning!
Make a clear to-do list and divide the chores amongst the family. The list helps you to focus on what is important, and it is great to tick off the finished points. It is always nice to have a clean home to celebrate Christmas or walk into the new year.

A cleaning can be done organically if you use environmentally friendly bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. With natural bicarbonate of soda, you can clean kitchens, bathrooms, drains and even textiles, among other things. Try the product first on a small, hidden area. Vinegar is also an environmentally friendly cleaning agent that, among other things, removes stains, mould, lime and bad odours. Vinegar is suitable for washing and cleaning both indoors and outdoors. Here at Biltema, you will also find, for example, a dustpan and brush set and a dish brush, which are effective cleaning aids.

Defrost the fridge and freezer when it is freezing outside

A frosty winter day is an excellent opportunity to clean the fridge and freezer. While you are cleaning, it is easy to move the food out, for example onto the balcony or terrace.
At minus degrees, they stay chilled while you are cleaning. If you have a self-defrosting freezer, you do not need to defrost it. However, it is good to keep the refrigerator and freezer clean, and making an inventory of the food from time to time does not hurt. When the refrigerator or freezer has thawed completely, use a microfibre cloth dampened with hand dishwashing detergent for cleaning. Dry thoroughly after cleaning so that ice is not created immediately.

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It is a good idea to make the cleaning of the fireplace a regular habit

It is a good idea to clean the fireplace before the evenings start drawing in, when you will enjoy the fireplace more than usual. A clean fireplace increases safety and comfort. With cleaning products for fireplace doors, sooty doors become a thing of the past. The cleaning agent quickly and efficiently dissolves burned soot from the fireplace doors. Soot and ash vacuum cleaners are suitable for the efficient cleaning and collection of dry waste such as cold ash, soot, coal and shavings. Remember that the fireplace in a permanent home must be swept every year. Sweeping should be performed by a chimney sweep, who can also check the condition of the flue.

Organise the cupboards and put unnecessary items in the recycling

Autumn is a time of renewal, and you get the urge to re-organise the cupboards. Empty the cupboards and remove any dirt with a universal cleaner and a microfibre cloth. Sort the various items into piles depending on whether you want to save or get rid of them. Repair broken objects if possible, but if they are beyond repair then if necessary throw them away. Place the items to be returned to the cabinet in different storage boxes. This way you keep your cupboards in order while being easily able to find what you need.


In our range you will find, among other things, a storage box with 8 compartments for smart storage of small items. The larger storage box is perfect for, for example, toys, hats and gloves or children's clothes. A storage box with a vacuum bag protects clothes and other textiles from moisture, odours, dust and insects. A durable wooden storage box that is suitable, for example, for storing small objects in the storage room or for storing toys in the children's room. The box can be painted, varnished, oiled, waxed or left untreated. Stackable storage jars that are suitable for storing food or, for example, beads, glass balls or small collectibles. With the transparent storage box you can straight away see what it contains. The boxes are available in different sizes.

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Finally - have fun cleaning up. You can sing a little bit during the job.

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