How to safely jump on a trampoline

How to safely jump on a trampoline

Jumping trampoline is a nice, popular and effective pastime. Trampoline jumping is the children's favorite exercise in the spring and during the summer, and it can of course also be enjoyed by adults. But it is important to follow the safety instructions, so that the jumping takes place in a safe way, to minimize the risk of injury.

When used correctly, the trampoline offers safe fun and activity during hot spring and summer days. We have put together instructions to help the whole family enjoy jumping on the trampoline, safely. 

1. Assemble and locate it correctly and check the condition of the parts

When installing a new trampoline or a trampoline that has been stored in parts during the winter, make sure you do so according to the instructions. Also check that all the parts of the trampoline are intact or otherwise in good condition and that nothing is missing. 

The main rule is that the trampoline is located on a flat, but not too hard, surface. The trampoline is prone to moving when in use, or it can even be blown away in high winds. So it is important that you firmly attach it to the ground.  
There should always be at least 7.3 metres of free space above the trampoline and preferably at least two metres of free space around it. Of course, there must be no obstacles under it.

Always read the detailed instructions in the manual supplied with the trampoline.  

2. Important - safety net and edge protection

Having a safety net placed around the trampoline means that those jumpers who lose their balance do not fall off it and hit the ground. Sometimes you can lose your balance on the trampoline while jumping, perhaps due to another person bouncing at the same time.  

Do not forget to close the opening in the safety net properly before jumping! 

Trampoline edge protection 

The edge protection of the trampoline mainly protects the springs from moisture and dirt, but it also prevents accidents. If the person bouncing should accidentally lose their balance or jump to the side, and land on the edge protection, this prevents their feet from slipping between the trampoline springs. In addition, the edge protection absorbs shocks.  

Edge protectors are included with the trampolines you can buy at Biltema, but can also be purchased separately if they need to be replaced. 

3. Enter through the opening in the safety net

It is important to remember that the trampoline is always entered and left through the opening in the safety net. So do not try to climb over the safety net or get onto the trampoline in any other way. If you have smaller children, a ladder can make it easier for them to get safely up onto the trampoline, and prevent accidents. Ladders are purchased separately. 

4. Remember the basic rules 

  • Also remember that the trampoline is only for jumping.  
  • Do not climb or hang on the safety net and do not intentionally throw yourself at it.  
  • You should also never go underneath a trampoline when someone else is jumping.  
  • Always jump according to your own skill level and start by learning simple basic jumps.  
  • It is also good to learn how to stop jumping correctly if the tempo increases too much.  
  • On the trampoline, you can either jump with your socks on or barefoot, and you should remove any excess clothing before jumping. 

5. Only one person bounces at a time 

As boring as it really sounds, at least for children, the trampoline should only be used by one person at a time in order to avoid accidents. After all, enthusiastic little jumpers are easily struck by those jumpers who are a little bigger. Even experienced jumpers can have bad luck and accidentally collide, which can lead to nasty accidents.  

Can you not agree on who should jump? 
Write a list where you agree on who jumps and how long for. When one person is bouncing, the others can time them! 

6. Jump only in good weather 

After rain, the surface of the trampoline is slippery, which increases the risk of accidents if you bounce on it. So it is a good idea to wait for the trampoline to dry off completely before starting jumping again.  

For example, when the trampoline is not in use, you can protect it with a cover, allowing you to bounce faster even after the rainy weather has passed. 

7. Under adult supervision 

Last but not least – the trampoline is not a babysitter! An adult should always monitor the jumping of children. On a beautiful summer’s day, you can easily spend an hour or two watching your children play enthusiastically on a trampoline. If there are multiple children from the neighbourhood using the trampoline, consider agreeing on how to share the supervision of the bouncing children. Of course, it is the responsibility of the responsible adult to guide the bouncers when to take a break and have a drink, because when you start to get tired, the risk of accidents also increases.  

In order to distract the children waiting for their turn to be allowed to jump from getting bored, other things can be arranged for them to do, such as various types of outdoor games.  

Jump calmly! 

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