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Pincers - a must-have in the toolbox

If you do not have a pair of pincers in your toolbox, you should consider investing in this flexible tool. You can use pincers in several different situations, and they are easy to carry around.
At Biltema, we offer high-quality pincers at favourable prices. Take a look at our selection on this page.

What can a pair of pincers be used for?

The tool has many good qualities. Among other things, they can be used to pull nails and screws out of walls and wood. At the same time, they can also be used to cut things and squeeze them.
They are a versatile tool that belongs in any good tool set and other places where you store your tools.

How do pincers differ from ordinary pliers?

A pair of pincers is different from a regular pair of pliers. Its force at a point or perpendicular to an edge distinguishes them from a normal variant.
This means that the jaws can be placed against a surface, so that it is possible to pull a nail out of a wall, for example.

Good grip with rubber handles

With a comfortable rubber handle on the outer layer, you get a firm and comfortable grip. This means you can work with the pincers for many hours without worrying about wearing your hands. A good grip also makes your work process more efficient.

Get your tools cheaply at Biltema

We strive to ensure low price and quality products for our customers. In this way, we help to ensure that all our customers can afford to invest in the best products - no matter what their finances look like.
You can therefore also find all the pliers you need at prices that are hard to say no to. You can find them here on the site or in one of our many stores.

Competent staff ready to help

We have carefully selected every single employee and have put together a team that manages to provide the best advice and customer service on a daily basis.
Our employees are insightful and can therefore help answer all the questions you may have. The team listens to every customer who needs help and we take pride in helping and finding the best solution for you. Contact us today and let us give you a helping hand.