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Hunting – equipment and accessories

Buyer’s guide for hunting – we guide you to the right hunting gear

No matter if you are hunting moose or other animals, you need to have appropriate hunting gear. There is a jungle of hunting gear and hunting clothes to navigate, which can be both positive and confusing at the same time. The equipment you will depends on what you are going to hunt. In this buyer’s guide, we go through everything you need for the hunt.

All the hunting gear you need for different types of hunting

You don’t have to arm yourself to the teeth when you’re new to hunting. As with much else, you can start by acquiring basic hunting equipment and then add more advanced hunting gear over time. When your budget allows, you can buy new hunting clothes, hunting gloves, camouflage nets, and so on.

Hunting gear for moose hunting

When it comes to moose hunting, it’s important that you have the appropriate hunting equipment. In addition to more basic hunting gear, you should also acquire the following:

  • Game bag – Once you’ve managed to shoot a moose, you will need a durable bag to protect the meat from flies and other insects.

  • Boots – Moose hunting is often exhausting and the weather can be unpredictable. And you may have to carry a lot of weight if you shoot a moose. Therefore, you need a pair of good, sturdy boots to protect your feet.

Hunting gear for deer hunting

Going deer hunting? For this type of hunting, you should equip yourself with the following hunting gear:

  • Scent eliminator – Deer have a very good sense of smell and you should therefore try to conceal your scent.

  • Deer drag or rope – You can use a rope to remove the animal from the site, but the easiest way is to use a deer drag.

You should have the following clothes for hunting

In addition to having the right hunting gear, you also need to be dressed appropriately for hunting. So, what hunting clothes do you need as a beginner?

You should acquire these items of clothing for hunting:

  • Jacket (camouflage pattern or orange)
  • Overalls or trousers (camouflage-coloured or orange)
  • Cap or hat (camouflage-coloured or orange)
  • Hunting gloves
  • Several pairs of hard-wearing socks that must be stored dry
  • Rainwear

If you participate in hunting in winter, you can wear a snowsuit or garment with snow camouflage instead of green camouflage.