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Pools for fun and relaxation

Buyer's guide to pools — cooling dips for the whole family 

Surely it would be good to be able to stroll out into the garden and take a cool dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day, or maybe sit in warm hot tub on a cold winter's day? With an above-ground pool or a spa pool from Biltema, you can do just this. In this guide we will help you find the right pool for your needs. 

How big should the pool be? 

In order to choose the right pool, you must know where it will be located. Where it will be located dictates how large a pool you can buy. A small garden, for example, requires a smaller pool. When choosing the size, you should also consider how many people will swim in the pool at the same time. The more people in the pool at the same time, the bigger the pool you need. Being squashed together in a small pool is not much fun.  

How deep should the pool be? 

The depth of the pool is another important aspect because it determines how it can be used and how safe it is for children. A family pool is for both adults and children to swim and play in, so the water level should not be too high. A water depth of about 110 centimetres is usually perfect for the whole family to enjoy. If the pool will mainly be used by young children, the depth should, of course, be suitable for them. And remember that small children must be supervised by an adult at all times. 

Bathe all year round in a spa pool 

If you or your family want to bathe outdoors all year round, you should buy a spa pool. The spa pool can heat the water up to 40°C and its pump is equipped with antifreeze, which allows you to set it up and bathe outdoors during the colder months of the year.  

Do not forget to buy pool accessories 

To easily get in and out of the pool, we recommend purchasing a swimming ladder that is placed over the edge of the pool. In addition to a pool ladder, it can also be useful to equip the pool with a pool cover. A pool cover is important to have for safety reasons, to avoid children or animals from falling into the pool when it is not in use. You will also find ground protection, pool heaters, pool thermometers and sand filters in our pool accessories range.  

Keep the pool clean with pool care products 

It is important that you maintain the right pH in your pool, partly for the sake of your skin and eyes, but also in order for the chlorine and equipment to work as efficiently as possible. In our range of pool care products, you can buy chlorine tablets, test sticks and a dosing float, among other things. This ensures that the pool water stays fresher for longer. 

Frequently asked questions about pools

How long does it take to fill a pool?

It depends on how much water it will take. A garden hose typically fills a pool at a rate of about two cubic metres per hour. 

Which pool should I buy? 

Buy a pool that fits where you intend to locate it, accommodates the number of people intending to use it at the same time and which has the depth that you want. Read our buyer’s guide for choosing the perfect pool.

Do I have to use a pool cover?  

You should use a poolprotector to avoid drowning accidents.

Can I empty the pool into the garden? 

Small children's pools can be emptied into the garden provided that the water does not contain any added chemicals. The water from larger pools must be poured down a drain.