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Pool Accessories

Buyer’s Guide – practical products for your pool

Pool maintenance can easily diminish the joy of owning a pool. Keeping the pool water clean and fresh may sometimes feel like a full-time job. So, to make the job easier, you should use the right pool accessories. We’ll give you some tips on practical pool accessories that will make owning a pool a little simpler!

How to choose the right accessories for your pool

Do you already have a pool or have you decided to buy one? You will need a few different accessories to make things easier for yourself. The range is large, and choosing the right pool accessories can seem daunting. But we hope to make your choice easier by explaining what the products are used for below.

There are many practical pool accessories to choose from. Pool heaters, sand filter pumps, and pool ladders are a few examples. But there are many other pool accessories at Biltema, such as various pool covers and pool thermometers. This product category includes everything – big and small – needed for a pool.

  • Some accessories can help you take care of your pool and keep it in good condition. such as adapter kits, thermometers, and repair kits. This also includes products that circulate the pool water and keep away dirt and debris.

  • We also have accessories that increase safety around the pool, by covering it up, for example, when not in use. A pool cover is an excellent example of such an accessory. Another example is a pool ladder. Because as a responsible pool owner, you need to make sure that the pool is safe to use. It should also be safe around the pool. Your pool area should be safe and fun for everyone.

  • We also have other products that make using the pool more fun and comfortable. A floating beverage holder is an excellent example of such a product. Another example is a solar-powered floating lamp.

The type of pool accessories you should get depends on how you use the pool. But you can get the most out of your pool by having the right pool accessories.

Frequently asked questions about pool accessories

What kind of pool accessories are available?

Pool accessories make it easier for you to use your pool.

What pool accessories should I have?

Examples of useful accessories include a pool cover, a pool ladder, or a pool thermometer.