A cottage holiday is the best time of the year – 5 equipment tips to make your holiday more fun

A cottage holiday is the best time of the year – 5 equipment tips to make your holiday more fun

In the rat race of modern life, we begin to yearn for calmer landscapes. We long to hear the sound of lapping waves and soothing forests. A cottage is a safe haven where activities and enjoyment have the power to banish everyday worries. Spending time in a cottage with loved ones is even more fun when the cottage is properly equipped.

For hard-working folk, a holiday cottage is a paradise where you can fulfil the desires of the heart. However, it is also a place where you can unwind. For many, a cottage holiday is a refreshing combination of activity and relaxation. One minute you feel like chopping wood for the evening sauna, while the next you are lying in a hammock staring at fair weather clouds slowly drifting across the sky. Enticing aromas from the grill waft through the air from morning to evening. Best of all, of course, is that there’s no reason to rush or hurry.

A modern cottage is associated with expectations and ambitions. You want to be able to spend long periods at the cottage, especially outdoors, so it’s a good idea to invest in the cottage and its equipment.

In a pleasant environment, life at a cottage is both surprisingly comfortable and affordable. Here are some simple equipment tips for your holiday cottage!

Five tips to make the most of your cottage holiday

1. A pool or hot tub gives the cottage a touch of luxury

Can you imagine anything more enjoyable than spending warm summer days while gazing at beautiful cottage landscapes in your own pool or hot tub?


Inflatable pools are easy to set up before the summer heat arrives and just as easy is to store over winter. The durable material ensures that you can enjoy it for many summers to come.

2. The most delicious cottage food is grilled, of course!

Cottage life and grilling are an unbeatable combination. For many, cottage food and grilled food are synonymous, and that’s not surprising. You can cook a wide range of delicacies on the grill for everyone without breaking a sweat. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to cook on a charcoal grill, gas grill or electric grill – the end result is delicious whichever you choose.


In addition to regular grills, there are combined grills and smokers, known as smoker grills, available on the market. They are perfect for barbecuing, where the food is cooked slowly and for as long as possible to ensure a tender end result.

3. Garden and water games make the cottage holiday more fun

Fun games both in the garden and in the water ensure that spirits of holidaymakers remain high. Place a sprinkler on the lawn where children and ‘children-at-heart’ can refresh on a hot summer’s day. Or take a dip in the water with a beach ball and challenge family and friends to a playful water polo match. Cute swimming toys will keep small water animals amused for a long time. A pool float offers a somewhat calmer form of relaxation as it slowly floats along on gently undulating waves.

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In the garden you can try croquet, the perfect game for the whole family. Or set up a frisbee basket and turn frisbee throwing into an exciting game of skill. Other fun pastimes to enjoy on a cottage holiday include Mikado, garden Yatzy, ring toss, beach tennis and boccia. And let’s not forget about the trampoline, which is always a hit with children!

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4. The soul rests when you lie in a sun lounger or hammock

Sometimes it’s good to relax and lie down – and is there any better setting for this than a tranquil cottage environment? Enjoy the intrigue of an exciting book or take a revitalising nap in a sun lounger or hammock. The weatherproof sun lounger can be ideally placed on the lawn, terrace and beach. And because it folds up, it takes up little space when stored for winter. You can hang the hammock between two sturdy trees or a stable hammock stand. Another good option for unbeatable relaxation is this comfy hammock chair.

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5. Enjoy your cottage summer safely under a parasol

It’s great to spend some free time in the summer heat, but sometimes there’s too much sunshine. A parasol protects you from strong sunlight and makes it more comfortable to stay outside on hot summer days. The UV-resistant fabric ensures that you can safely relax outside under the parasol. The triangular parasol is also a stylish and practical part of the décor. If you need protection from rain, our party tents and gazebos are ideal, and they are perfect for atmospheric evening dinners under cover.