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Outdoor toys

Buying guide for outdoor toys - fun outdoor toys for all seasons 

Growing children need to get their daily dose of sunlight. Therefore a perfect solution is to give them outdoor toys for playing with outside in the garden. At Biltema you will find both summer toys and winter toys for the outdoor play that children love. What do you need to consider when buying outdoor toys for children? 


How to choose the right outdoor toys for your child 

Outdoor toys can be just as much fun as educational ones. Are you on the lookout for exciting outdoor toys that will keep your children busy for hours? If so, then you will find what you are looking for in our range of toys and games for outdoor use. In our range you will find swings, sand toys, outdoor games, water toys, soap bubbles and pavement chalks. Everything that children need for fun and challenging outdoor play.  

The various products are designed to be safe for children to use. That said, you should always keep a watchful eye on your child, not least when it comes to water games. Water toys and other summer outdoor toys can be used by your child on the beach as well as at home. 

Outdoor play for the whole family 

The outdoor toys in our wide range are not just for children. You will also find fun family games for outdoor use. So gather the family for garden yatzy, pickup, skittles, boules, croquet or a fun circle game. We promise many hearty laughs together.  

How playing outdoors promotes your child's development 

It is important to encourage children from an early age to experience that outdoor play is a fun activity. This is of course most easily done with the help of fun outdoor toys that keep the child busy. 

Playing outdoors is more about exploring and having fun rather than staring at a monitor. Playing with outdoor toys promotes the health of the child and develops their imagination, motor skills and cognitive abilities. And as every parent knows, there are benefits to letting kids tire themselves out through outdoor play. 

FAQs about outdoor toys

Why should you have outdoor toys? 

With fun toys for outdoor play, children and adults can play outdoors instead of sitting indoors. 

What is the best way of storing your children's outdoor toys? 

You can store your children's toys outdoors in a storage box or in your garage or shed. 

What are the outdoor toys made of? 

In our range you will find toys made of both wood and plastic (polypropylene and PA plastic). For more information about the materials the toys are made from, see the technical specification for each individual product.