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A frisbee brings many opportunities

Are you constantly on the lookout for a fun fitness form? Do you miss entertainment for the kids when they play in the garden? Or do you need something to throw when walking the dog?


A frisbee gives you a lot of opportunities, because the fun play and training gear can be used in many different ways.
We are proud to offer you a wide range that can be used for both training and play. Among our products you will find models in many shapes, colours and sizes, so you can be sure to find exactly the variant that you want.

Fun workout for large and small

I'll take it! Can you hear yourself shouting at it while chasing for the flying gadget through the garden? We've all experienced how the frisbee is sometimes faster than the body. It can be hard to grip, and you need to use your best ball skills when chasing after it.
That's why a frisbee is a perfect exercise tool that activates both large and small. It does not take up much space and can therefore be easily packed into your bag when you’re off to the beach on a hot summer day.
If you choose a model in plastic, it can even withstand water, so you can take it into water.

Great entertainment in the summer garden

The flying frisbee is even perfect entertainment for the hot summer days in the garden. In our range you will find many sizes and colours, so you have plenty of opportunities to choose a look that suits your preferences.
The bigger the model you choose, the easier it is to catch. Therefore, if the children are going to be involved, it is an advantage to choose a large variant, so that even the smallest can get pleasure from the toy.
Also bring along the fine entertainment when you're going to your summer cottage, abroad or visiting friends and family. The frisbee is always the subject of good laughs and fun experiences.

Walking the dog

Not all dogs are enthusiastic about balls, but a flying frisbee is always a success. In our range you can also find several opportunities to entertain the dog when you're out and about.