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Sandpit — bring the beach home to your garden

Playing and unleashing the imagination has no age limit. The same applies to a sandpit, which is a place of play, learning and stimulation, for children of all ages.
Get the best with you from the beach with a sand mecca in the garden where your child can unleash its imagination with play and learning in the sand.
Here you can explore Biltema's range of sandpits. You’ll find the perfect place for the garden or terrace, where you and the whole family can gather around creative games and togetherness.

The perfect entertainment for kids

Play and learning often overlap, especially when it comes to the younger age groups. Here, the unstoppable and inspiring curiosity often leads to new insights for the little ones, especially in environments where they are allowed to unleash themselves and their imagination.
And where could it be better to do that, than in sand?

Play and learning in a sandpit

Give your child the best conditions for developing play skills and using the senses. Sand is one of the best environments to play in, as it is both fun and malleable and therefore provides ample opportunities for creative expression.
Here small children's hands can shape, dig, rake, build, feel and much more. All these activities help stimulate and inspire your child. The sandpit is a real paradise for both play and learning, where you can give your child the best conditions for developing and having fun in the meantime.

Handy for the home environment

Do you like practical solutions for your home that can either fill multiple functions or put away when more space is needed?
At Biltema we have many smart products that are adapted to everyday stresses and chores. It is visible in all of our product categories, which also applies when you look in our range on this page.

Two-in-one sandpit

For example, we sell variants that can be used for several things.
Get all the joys of the beach collected in one product. In our range you will find, among other things, a version that can both be filled with sand but is also suitable as a small bath where the little ones can cool off during hot summer days.
Then you can create your own little beach in the garden one way or another and fill it with either water or sand based on the need.

Free access to play

Do you live far from the playground or beach, so you don't have sand within easy reach? Or are you just interested in your child having free access to fun play outdoors?
When you invest in one of our sandpits, your child can unleash its imagination in the garden by baking cookies, building castles, digging holes or driving around sand on a toy car.
More advanced, it doesn't have to be to entertain your child for hours. Then you can even go and do practical things in the home or sit back while keeping an eye on your child.

Buy your child's new favourite employment at an affordable price

At Biltema, we are proud to offer quality products at low prices. Here you can buy a high-quality sandbox at a good price.
What variant do you want to please your child with?