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Activity toys

Strengthen your child's development with activity toys

Your child is developing at lightning speed, and you have probably thought more than once: Where did the time go? The little ones quickly learn to combine things, in every direction when motor skills are trained daily.

If you want to strengthen your child's development, activity toys are a fun and entertaining way to practice the small details. Our range is also perfect if you have a child who loves to play outdoors.
We offer you a large selection of activity toys that are suitable for children of all ages.

Fun game with the little ones

The best way to learn is through play. Both children and adults absorb new impressions better if we find them interesting. That is why activity toys are a good way to train the motor skills of the little ones.
At the same time as the children play, they also learn a large number of new concepts and expressions. Up, down, behind, in front of and next to are just some of the things the child learns as you play through language.

Activity toys train the child's development

Children and adults perceive the world in different ways. Children's logical thinking develops rapidly during the first period and is only refined later in life. Activity toys help to develop logic while teaching children how systems are organized.
It is important that children learn how shapes and figures can be combined early in life, and that is precisely why the specially developed toys are ideal to use.
In our range you will find many tools that can support children's development. We also offer a wide selection of materials, so you can find toys in both plastic, wood, fabric and paper depending on what you are looking for.

Create a good play experience

You probably know it from yourself: Learning something new can be a challenge, because how are things really connected? Decoding a system can be difficult for both young and old, and that is why you as a parent must create the right framework for a good play experience.
Is the little one tired or a little hungry? When children are not in the mood, it is not a good idea to introduce new learning. It is important that the children are healthy, happy and full, so that the new impressions can be received in the best way.

If you find that your child becomes frustrated during play, you need to help the little one to succeed, so that learning is always fun and entertaining.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys have become incredibly popular in recent years. We at Biltema know this and we are therefore constantly developing our range. We are constantly adding new wooden toys to the range. Our wooden toy products are in the category "Indoor toys".

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