Fun Outdoor Games for Kids and Grown-ups

Fun Outdoor Games for Kids and Grown-ups

Playing outdoors is fun! When the spring sun arrives and the garden starts turning green, it’s great to finally get out into the garden to enjoy some long-awaited outdoor fun with family and friends. Fun outdoor games provide hours of enjoyment for both young and old. At Biltema, we are always trying to expand our range of outdoor games so you can get the most fun for your money.

The best outdoor games for children and youngsters

Children love being outside, and with creative toys and games they can be outdoors for hours. It’s a win-win scenario: children get to play and parents get a couple of child-free hours.

A hula hoop is a timeless classic that remains popular. With a little practice and the right rhythm, you’ll be twirling on no time. It’s also a good way to get children active and out of the house in the fresh air. The best part is that you don’t need a big garden to twirl a hula hoop.

Frisbee is another game we are all familiar with. It’s a two-person game, but the distance – and thus the degree of difficulty – is up to you. It may be a good idea to buy a foam rubber frisbee to prevent injury if you are unlucky and the frisbee hits your head or body. You can always up your frisbee game and create your own frisbee golf course by setting up various objects around the garden that you try to hit. The goal is to hit the object with the fewest attempts. Remember to remove all hazardous and/or fragile objects to prevent unnecessary accidents and injuries.

Tennis is something we associate with large courts, but soft tennis is definitely suitable for the garden. Just make sure there’s plenty of room before the kids start playing. With two racquets and 1 foam ball, the objective is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible so that it doesn’t touch the ground. It can be challenging at first, but it’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

Mini football with a small goal is popular in many gardens around the country. A 3-in-1 goal makes playing even more entertaining, either alone or with others. The advantage of this goal is that you can attach a cloth to it so that the ball bounces back when you kick it, and it also allows you to practice your precision.

We can’t talk about outdoor games without talking about water wars. Having water wars is fun no matter how old you are. All it requires is one thing – plenty of water. But if you really want to take your water games to a new level, you can use balloons, water guns and maybe even a waterslide.

Outdoor games for grown-ups

Playing games outdoors is just as much fun for adults as it is for kids. Game equipment made from wood is solid and of better quality. They are durable out in the weather and are easier to keep track of.

Fun wooden garden games

Garden Mikado

Mikado is a fun wooden garden game and is suitable for both children and adults. Hold the sticks together and lift them up with your hands, then let them fall into a pile. In Mikado, you take turns picking up as many of the sticks as possible. If any of the other sticks move, it’s the next player’s turn. Whoever picks up the most sticks is the winner.


Kubb is one of the most popular summer games and can be played with up to 12 participants. Kubb can be played by people of all ages. Like many other games, the most important thing is to have a flat surface, so that the kubbs stand firmly before you start throwing the batons. You must make sure to not knock down the king before the other kubbs are knocked down, otherwise you automatically lose the game.


Number Kubb

Number Kubb is a throwing game similar to regular Kubb. It requires a combination of skill, luck and a few tactics. There are 12 numbered kubbs, which are placed tightly together, and a throwing baton.
The first player to score 50 points wins. You score the number of points indicated on the kubb. If multiple kubbs fall, the player gets one point per kubb. Once all the kubbs are knocked over, they can be set up again. If a player’s score exceeds 50 points, the score is reduced to 25, and the player continues from there. Each player has one throw per round. If the player does not hit a kubb after throwing three times in a row, the player is out of the game and is responsible for keeping score.


Croquet is a game most of us have either seen or tried out ourselves. It is the perfect game on hot summer days! Having a lawn or relatively flat surface to play on is an advantage. The goal of the croquet is to hit the balls through the hoops.

Garden Yatzy

Garden Yatzy is like regular Yatzy just on a larger scale. The large dice make it easier to play Yatzy with family and friends out in the garden or in the park when the weather is pleasant. The game is played with five large dice as well as a score card.

Ring toss

Ring toss is a simple and entertaining game that involves throwing 5 rings in order to score the most points. You can choose the distance according to how challenging you want it to be. We recommend a distance of 5-10 metres. The most fun is to split into teams and play tournaments together with a prize for the winner.

Garden rounders

Invite friends and family to a fun game of garden rounders. If you are lucky, you will be the first player to run the entire circuit or catches the ball the most times and leads your team to victory.
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