The Big Bicycle Guide

The Big Bicycle Guide

Springtime is for cycling! At Biltema you will find bicycles for the whole family – both pedal-powered and electric.

We have a large range of bikes to suit everyone, regardless of age and what you want to use your bike for.
Our Yosemite bicycle range has been developed and thoroughly tested for the Nordic climate and terrain. You can therefore rest assured that you will find a good bike here.

Bikes for kids

No matter if your child is learning to ride a bike or is already cycling to and from school and recreational activities, it is crucial to have a bike you can rely on. 

If your child is going to learn how to ride on two wheels, a push handle can be a great tool.

Most of the children’s and junior bikes in our range are equipped with both a foot brake and handbrake. A foot brake means your child’s coordination skills don’t need to be fully developed, but foot braking can also be a hindrance if your child enjoys riding off-road or on uneven roads.
We have therefore invested in a wide range of bikes of all sizes. Refer to the table below to find a suitable size for your child:


Smaller children - For smaller children, it is important not to go up in size too soon. A good rule of thumb is that both the child’s feet should touch the ground when seated.

A balance bike without pedals where your child uses their legs to move forwards and brake can be a good option for the little ones. The same applies to tricycles or scooters with stabiliser wheels. Also, remember to use stabiliser wheels on the bike until your child is steady enough to ride on their own.
For older children, Biltema has a good range of junior bikes.


Bikes for adults

Do you mostly use your bike for short rides around town, are you an active bicycle commuter, or do you enjoy long rides in the woods and fields? Biltema has models for all purposes.

Classic Bike

A classic model is perfect for shorter distances, and you sit comfortably since the seat is wide. You sit upright, and the handlebars are high with inward-curving handles. The classic models are often equipped with rear racks and bicycle baskets – convenient if you want to go past the shops on your way to or from work, for example.

Mountain bikes

If you want to ride in the woods and fields, a mountain bike can be ideal. But it’s important to carefully consider the wheel size, number of gears, brakes, and damping.
Larger wheels make the bike roll lighter and are well-suited for asphalt, while smaller wheels are better those who enjoy off-roading. Smaller wheels are also a good option if you are not very tall. If you will be riding a lot, it’s better to choose a mountain bike with a hydraulic disc brake instead of the traditional V-brake.

Hydraulic disc brakes

A hydraulic disc brake brakes better and gentler and requires less maintenance. It does not wear out the rim, works well even if it is wet, and works well with the better types of tyres that are often used on mountain bikes.

How to adjust hydraulic disc brakes

Shock-absorbing fork?

If you ride off-road a lot, a shock-absorbing fork makes riding more comfortable, safer and more fun. A lockable fork is also convenient when riding on flat ground every now and then. An adjustable fork is good if you normally ride on different types of terrain and need different damping depending on how the road surface

Electric bikes

Interest in electric bikes is increasing with each passing year. Being able to go on longer bike trips with young children, or cycle to work without getting sweaty – that’s simply a very good argument for many people.

We have electric bikes for many different purposes, from classic electric bikes with a rear rack, foot brake and basket, to modern and slightly sporty models for active and varied riding.

Foldbare elcyke

Vores foldbare elcykel er et af vores populære produkter. Den kan nemt foldes sammen for at kunne tages med på ferietur, for eksempel i en autocamper, campingvogn eller båd.

Another favourite is the E-kick electric scooter. The e-scooter has a top speed of 20 km/h, folds up, and is easy to transport.  
All e-bikes have been developed and thoroughly tested for the Nordic climate and terrain.

Bicycle accessories

Accessories are also needed during the bicycle season. The most important accessory is a helmet, and in our range you will find helmets for both adults and children. All our helmets are equipped with the Mips system, which protects against rotational movements.
The children’s helmet also has a green safety buckle, which ensures that the chin strap comes loose if the child gets caught in something, such as at the playground.

Cycling for kids

Has the time come for your child to learn how to ride a bike? With a smart push handle that can be easily attached to the rear, you have full control until your child is safe on the bike. A throttle grip with a motorcycle sound effect that attaches to the handlebar instead of the ordinary grip instantly makes the bike more fun. When you turn the grip, it sounds like a motorcycle revving. 

If your child is too young for a bike, you can attach a child seat to your bike and go on long rides. And don’t forget the seat mount, which is perfect if the child seat will be moved between different bikes.

Good to have:

  • Mudguards
  • Kickstand
  • Rear rack
  • Lights
  • Bell
  • Bike rack for cars

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