The wooden toys that kids will love

The wooden toys that kids will love

If you ask your kids, you can never have too many toys. There is always something new and exciting that the toy box can be filled with. And we agree! Our wide range of toys invites you to play and learn. Are you looking for wooden toys? Then you've come to the right place!

In our range of toys you will not only find the timeless favourites such as car lanes or dolls, but we also have a popular range of fine and durable wooden toys. Wooden toys have long been a favourite among both small and large children. And we all have a relationship with wooden toys, don't we? Maybe you played with wooden blocks, picking boxes or a wooden train track when you were a kid?


Good reasons to buy wooden toys

Wooden toys have long been popular and more and more parents are choosing to buy wooden toys for their children. And the fact is that there are many advantages to wooden toys. Here we list some of them. 

1. Sustainable wooden toys

The wooden toys in our range contain no harmful chemicals, which makes them gentle on both children and the environment. Typically, wood toys don't burden the environment as much as plastic toys do, making wooden toys a sustainable alternative to other toys.

2. Durable toys in wood

High-quality wooden toys also have a long service life. They are durable and retain both appearance and function for a long time, which is also a sustainability aspect. A perfect toy to pass on through generations simply!

3. Timeless design

Let the wooden toys be inherited! The design of our wooden toys is timeless, allowing generation after generation to share toys. So while the games may evolve over time, the wooden toys can accompany and constantly be the source of play and joy.

Let your imagination and play flow with wooden toys

The great thing about toys is that, in addition to bringing a lot of laughter and play, they also promote children's motor skills. You can easily spend hours building train tracks that ring from the living room, around the kitchen table and back again.
Or cook together in a toy kitchen and explore various dishes and utensils. Maybe it's a future little chef you have at home?

In our range of wooden toys you will also find toys that are suitable for different types of role-playing games. With a doctor's bag or toolbox, the children easily go into character and can play the role of doctor or craftsman, promoting their imagination, playfulness and motor skills. So lie down on the bunk and let your evil knee be examined or include the kids in any of your construction projects back home.

Our range of wooden toys
We dare to promise that it will be a fun game for all of you!

A push walker for the very smallest

With a learn-go cart, your child can practice the motor skills and balance required to learn to walk. The learn-to-go trolley is stable and provides safe support. The wheels can be braked and can be easily adjusted so that the stroller does not roll faster than the child can handle.
The adjustable handle of the stroller also allows the stroller to be used as a play cart as your child grows up. A perfect toy to have at home!

See our Push Walker

Not just wooden toys 

Of course, we don't just have wooden toys to offer the play-hungry children. We also have a wide range of dolls, toy cars, toy animals, toy tools, crafts and painting. You can also shop for fun games for the whole family with us. 

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